Completed in 2013

Made for Aussie Heroes

January - Everyone who went to the Aussie Heroes Christmas Dinner in 2012 was given a piece of challenge fabric and asked to make one or more blocks from it.  This was my contribution - 5 Greek Cross blocks.

The blocks were made up into 2 quilts.  This is one of them displayed by Jan-Maree at her home at the Aussie Heroes Christmas Dinner 2013.  Cute eh?

"Adventures in Black and Yellow" - January
This chap requested a black and yellow quilt.  The laundry bag I made to go with that is below.
January - this quilt was made from a block of the month blocks made by AHQ supporters and which I started to put together at a sewing day at Jan-Maree's.  The laundry bag below I made to go with it. 
January - this laundry bag was made for a fellow in 7RAR, hence the little pigs. Pigs are the emblem of 7RAR

Also made in January
February - This chap loves his dog, which happens to be a labrador, so the centre panel was selected specially for him.  The laundry bag below went with the quilt & was made with some of the fabrics I used in the quilt.

April - Two Star blocks made for a special Blue & White quilt from Challenge blocks.
And here is the quilt made up with all the blue and white blocks from around the nation.  My two are in the centre row.
April - Another two I made, which I forgot to photograph, were for a chap who liked cooking, so they had feature fabric with a cooking theme. 

3 Laundry bags made with fabric donated by Joyce - June
Another 3 with fabric donated by Joyce - July

July - Pink and White star block for collaborative quilt for Facebook followers. (terrible photo - that bluey colour is actually a pretty peach colour!)

Here is the completed pink and white quilt ready to go to its recipient.  My block is bottom centre. 
July - A top made from blocks of the month at a sewing day at AHQ.  We were two blocks short of a top for this, so I made two blocks and then sewed the top together.

80 blocks for August 2013 BOM

And the is what some of them became.  Blocks by me, put together by me at a sewing day at Jan-Maree's, borders by Caroline & Jan-Maree, Cockatoos and quilting by Debbie.  Awesome result!

Close up of the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.

Eight blocks for two separate Mystery Quilts - September 


Made for Stitching Hearts

January - quilting only, top made by Cheryl

April - 3 Tops above made from blocks donated by Di
April - Top only

"Snowball I" top - June, quilted - September
July - Quilting only on this one - top made by Ellen. 

July - Top only

July - "Snowballs II"  Blocks donated by Yvonne

August - Quilting only.  Top made by Jan

September - "Fairies".  Top only,  blocks made by Darleen.

October - Top only  
November - "Very Red"  (top only)
November - quilting only.  Top pieced by Jill
December - Orphan blocks (top only)

December - "The Colour Brown" pieced - November, quilted - December

December - Blue strippy, single size.  Top only.

My Stuff

February - Round Robin Border - "Piano Key" border & frames for Elaine, 
April - Round Robin Border - "Migrating Geese" for Fiona
April - Batch of 6 Mug Rugs as gifts
May - Round Robin Border - "Spin Out" for Raelene

July - Quilting only - top made by Buttons Group for Justine from Church. 


October - "Verna's Garden" - a quilt for a good friend who loves her garden

November - Dilly bag (for me)
November - Two more dilly bags as Christmas gifts
Between June & December - 6 items for the Santa Sack Swap - details in this post.
December - completed this wall hanging begun ages ago, just in time for Christmas
December - School Uniform for Miss 7's Journey Girl doll for Christmas

December - Zippered Pouch for Miss 10 for Christmas

December - Chicken softie for Miss 12 for Christmas

Between June & December I made a number of gifts for the Santa Sack Swap.   
That's it folks - no more for 2013

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  1. My you are a busy quilter! I enjoyed seeing your work, thanks. :)


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