Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Fuglies Part 2

Don't fall over backwards!  After a month of no blogging, here is my second post in as many days. Can you tell I am on holidays?  LOL
You might remember that I have been endeavouring to use a bunch of fabrics from Stitching Hearts which no one else will use (my first post on that was here).  I actually started with a bunch of large scale florals on dark backgrounds some weeks ago.  There was an all day craft day at one of the local churches and some of my friends from Friday Quilters were there.  I took these along to work on them.
This is what I came up with as a centre medallion:

I had the inspiration for the sashing from a Patchwork magazine (no idea which one, sorry!), so the middle bit came together quickly.  But then I struggled to find something to add to it. 
I put it aside and found some nice fabric (I don't mind the florals - its the others won't use them) in the cupboard at Stitching Hearts a week or two later.  In my Finish It Up Frenzy in the last week or so, I picked this project up and set the medallion on point.

Still not big enough, it needed borders.  So I dragged out a few fabrics to see what was what.  But first it needed a framing border.  I used the homespun I had used in the medallion.

I wanted to carry out the florals on the dark background to the border, but of course there wasn't enough of that fabric was there!  I discarded the top right because it was too pale and too pink, the bottom left was too busy and the flowers were more red than pink, and the bottom right fabric because there were pale blue flowers and the back ground was too light. 

Here is how it turned out

Not ideal as the background is black, but it is better than the rest of the fabrics I had, and the flowers are a better match.  Its come together very quickly as the pieces are big - not like my usual 2" squares.  Hee hee.

The trouble with using donation fabrics is that you never have the "right" fabric and if you do happen to score some, there is never enough of it.  That is the challenge - you have to make do.  So now some of the fuglies have been used, and the result is an OK quilt which will do for a Stitching Hearts donation quilt.

And as a bonus.  Remember the bottom right fabric I showed you above which was too light for the border?  There was 2 metres of it, so I pieced a backing, and then made 2 little draw string bags for this year's Samaritan's Christmas shoeboxes.  Not a scrap left!

I am a sucker for punishment, but here is Fugly No. 3......

A couple of months back, Evelyn dumped a pile of 6.5" squares on me and said "Here, do something with these".  Oh dear.  These. Are. Totally. Evil.  LOL.  But!!  At long last, I have a plan, but you'll have to wait until the next post to see what it is..... 

Til next time.....Enjoy the Summer Holidays and Keep on Stitching.


  1. You are a wonder...terrific upcycling! The last piece would be fine as appliqued flowers....smaller pieces less impact! Great work x

  2. Those florals made a wonderful garden, I like the black background floral on the border, it adds some contrast to the piece. Someone is going to love it.

  3. Love how you took those Fuglies and made something attractive and useful! Can't wait to see what you did with the Totally Evil fabric!

  4. What a pretty little quilt - I love those florals!!! Great work. xx

  5. I absolutely love the chintzy look of the floral quilt! It has a nostalgic Laura Ashley look to it AND I also like the ice dyed looking squares!
    Love the colours.........Id use them as centres in cathedral windows or maybe as puffies or yo yos
    but that's not ugly to me at all!
    Come on wheres the 3rd post ............what have you done with them? lol

  6. I'm sorry but I am not a flower girl. To me this fabric is so busy and ... ugly (there, I've said it) ! Adding more flowered triangles didn't help this quilt in my book. Oh! Wait! What? A black border? Oh! Now, it is more orderly and almost likeable. (Sorry, still not a flower girl.) ;^)


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