Tuesday, 31 January 2017


The day after Boxing Day, a friend of mine announced on Facebook that her daughter had suffered a second stroke.  Reading this I had tears running down my face. 
After the first stroke 5 years ago, which affected her left side, I made Lauren a quilt.  This was meant to be "Sunshine".  You won't have seen it as it was a pre-blogging finish.
Tibby of course got in the act.
She was doing so well; even driving again.  But in December this past year, her second stroke affected her "good" right side, leaving her blind and immobile on her right side. 
Her mum posted a couple of weeks later that the hospital was unable to supply enough bibs for Lauren for meal times.  She couldn't buy any anywhere.  I offered to make some if she was desperate, and the offer was taken up.
Well, easier said than done!  You can't buy terry towelling for love nor money on the Central Coast.  I could have bought some on line, but that would have meant a delay in receiving the fabric.  So I lit on the idea of terry nappies (diapers for those from the States).  I picked up a dozen for under $25, cheaper than 2 metres of terry towelling would have cost me.
But they are white aren't they?  How boring!  Lauren had joked she wanted hot pink bibs.  So I bought some dye and had some fun with 3 of the nappies.  I'd have preferred to have lime green, but couldn't get the dye, so the third one is teal.  Here they are on the washing line drying.

I decided to line them all so that they could be reversible. 

Having done those, I thought I should make another couple.  These are white, with some fun applique on them.  As soon as I put them down to photograph them, Tibby marched straight onto them to inspect them.

Initials and flowers on the left and a bunch of hearts on the right.

I was telling the girls at Friday Quilters what I was doing, and it just so happened that Lyn was making little eye pads.  They are filled with lavender to help you sleep.  I asked Lyn how she made them and she gave me one for Lauren.   I had to finish it off, but here it is.

I took all of this down to the hospital the other day.  Lauren had a giggle when I told her she was going to be wearing nappies! 

How I wish I could do more for her.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. What a fabulous thing to do and I am sure Lauren will have loved the bibs... they are all so beautiful! Christine x

  2. You probably did more than most people did for her. AND what you did is so cute and happy looking. Bless your generous heart. I'll send prayers for her. ;^)

  3. They look seriously great fun and am sure you will be able to make other things to help too.
    So sad for that to have happened twice over, do so hope the symptoms lessen in time.

  4. Very sweet of you to make these bibs for your friend's daughter!! She is sure to appreciate them. Better still, you gave her a good chuckle when you delivered them!


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