Saturday, 19 November 2016

The Fuglies

I think I am certifiable!  Huh?  You say.  You already knew that didn't you?  😄 

But why am I making such a claim out in the Big Bad World of the Internet? 

Well 2 weeks ago when I was down at Cabarita at a Stitching Hearts meeting, I looked at the overflowing tubs of donated fabrics that No One uses, I thought I would do some damage to the florals.  So a bunch of fuglies came home with me.....

 Who in their right mind would pick up a huge bunch of ugly fabric and bring it home, eh?

The Pinks

The Blues

The Brights
I also bullied Jan into taking a bunch of apricots.  At least I gave her a choice of which pile she wanted.  Ha ha.

That same afternoon, on the way home Jan and I stopped at Craft Depot, the biggest patchwork fabric store anywhere within cooee.  At the counter, I noticed a magazine which had a photo on the front of it, and I was inspired.  Apologies to the publication and to the maker of the quilt, but the name of both escapes me.  If someone recognises this, give me a hoy and I will properly acknowledge it.

I came home and pulled the Brights out, and added a few from my stash too.  LOL

Some leaves and flowers were cut from Vliesofix and fused to the fabrics......

And in very short order, there was a quilt top.

One of the flowers....

And an upside down one....

And just in case you missed it, another shot.....

Really pleased with the way it turned out. 

I have a Plan for the pinks and the blues are already partly pieced - show you those next time.  I'm on a roll with those fuglies!  Funnily enough, me raiding the floral tub did little to diminish it.  Oh well, I've tried.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Wow Dasha this is amazing ,well done xx

  2. Fantastic quilt top, you'd never know those were the last of the box choices! Lovely.

  3. No longer fugly - but very cute! Inspired idea!

  4. What a beautiful quilt you have made Dasha! Really lovely! Christine x

  5. You have a magic wand or something? You can really, no I mean reeaaallly turn fuglies into beauties. When I looked at the pictures of the fabrics you pulled, I completely understood what fuglies meant. (I wouldn't call them by any other name!) But the work you have done is fantastic! I hope you will bring the top back to Stitching Hearts for show; you might inspire someone else to do the same. Who knows? Congrats! ;^)

  6. I saw that quilt too! Love what youve done although I quite liked a lot of your fuglies anyway lol
    This is delightful and a great way to mix n match flowers!

  7. Well from where I am standing those fabrics look gorgeous! Great work with that quilt top - delicious. xx

  8. love what you did with those fabrics. not fugly at all!

  9. Definitely turned them into a beautiful swan. It is just lovely. Well done to you xx

  10. Well they aren't fugly now, Dasha - great idea!

  11. I believe all fabric is beautiful in the right project and you've proved that with this top.

  12. This quilt (top) is a real beauty - wow you have transformed your fuglies!! Well done. Love the one in your previous post too; great what can be made out of scraps and rejects!

  13. Your use of (other people's) scraps is so imaginative. The result is amazing! May I pin this to my Pinterest board?


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