Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Workshop for Buttons

My Church runs a craft group called Buttons on Wednesday mornings during term time.  A couple of weeks ago I was asked to run a workshop on "Decorated Hand Towels".

That's a pretty wide topic.  And as there are supplies in the storage cupboard I wanted to provide some samples that might make use of them.

The first couple were made with a border fabric and lace edges.  It was using up a few scraps, and I quite like that one on the right.

Lots of the ladies like to hand piece, so the next two are simple hand stitched ones.  The one on the left is an appliqued heart with some lace and a ribbon, and the one on the right a little hexie flower. 

Here is the appliqued one close up.

Another project we have worked on at Buttons is little bears and kittens to give as a special gift when a child is baptised in our church.  I took my machine along to the group and we had a production line going.  I then took home some of the blanketing we used and made up this little kitty:
The idea this year has been to make use of our crafty skills to raise money for the church.  We had a morning tea last week, with about 60 people attending and our little stall raised $1,000 which we donated to the building fund.  (Our church has embarked upon a building project to build us a lovely new church).  We are all feeling rather chuffed at that and everything we have made over the year has sold.
All three of my grand daughters came by for afternoon tea recently.  The eldest came straight from school on the bus and brought a cake she had made in Food Tech.  Isn't it just great?  We didn't eat it of course 'cos she had to show it to her family!

Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. A great effort by your crafty friends...congrats! I love that cool cake too x

  2. Hi Dasha ,lovely handtowels and what a great effort with the fund raising and wow that cake looks amazing xx

  3. Great ideas with the hand towels Dasha... & WOW that cake is amazing, your GD is very clever!

  4. Your sale did really well! Cute towels, and that cake is amazing.

  5. Decorated hand towels is such a good idea I'm sure your group of ladies was delighted. Your granddaughter had a great time with the piping bag, by the looks of things!

  6. That's great news! Completely sold out for a good cause. Congrats. Love the towel embellishments. Very well done. That cake is ... well, the cake! I love the idea of the sprinkle shaker in mid-air. Awesome!! ;^)

  7. Your hand towels look super - lots of inspiration there. Good luck with the fund raising - your stall did very well. Love the cake. xx

  8. What a professional looking cake! Well done that gal, it looks superb.
    Domestic Science back in my grammar school days wasn't anything like that lol
    Lovely idea to dress up the towels too, love them

  9. Great on running the workshop......
    Wow great cake..... Would be hard to cut into a work of art.....


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