Sunday, 7 August 2016

Sunday Already

Well I had every intention of doing a post last week, but somehow or other here it is Sunday evening and I'm just getting around to posting.

Part of the problem is that the powers that be have decided that Picasa should be removed from usage.  It has taken me totally by surprise, so when I went to upload some photos during the week I couldn't do it the way I normally do.  It appears that now I have to use Google Photos.  You know something?  I HATE Google Photos.  It is so user unfriendly you just wouldn't believe.  I absolutely loathe the way it wants to group everything for you into themes and insists you tag all the faces.  Well I have managed to remove that, but how do you sort the photos?  Manually of course.  How I wish they would bring back Picasa!!  Any thoughts on that one??

Now that I have had my whinge of the week, I can show you what I have been up to.

First up, Last week I showed you a top I had under way.  It is now complete, and I took it to Stitching Hearts for backing and batting.  It is a small lap size which will likely go to a nursing home or some such.

I have called this quilt "U-Turns".  I have also realised that I have not credited the original maker.  I was inspired by a similar quilt at Linda's Quiltmania, but as I made the quilt from memory, mine is a bit different.

This is a closer look. 

It was such a great way to use up 2.5" strips, and so much fun!  I just used scraps, but I should imagine that if you used a jelly roll or perhaps one colourway it would look stunning.  Just the fact that Linda used white for her pathway gives a totally different look.
Also this week I have (finally) finished off knitting a sleeveless vest for my mother-in-law.  Don't look too closely - it has some major bloopers in it.

It is the second one I have made for her.  I made her one in 2008, and she wore it to death.  So much so that last year when I was in the UK, when we were clearing out her apartment for sale, we found it with all its tattered edges and pockets and bits that were falling off.  Brigid asked me to make another.   I found it very hard work as I have arthritis in the joints of my hands and so it took me forever to knit it.  All done and dusted now, and we can post it off to her in the UK.

Also last week, the friend of the mother of one of my friends at Friday Quilters (did you get that??) sent in 2 quilt tops as a donation to Stitching Hearts. 

They were too big for a cot quilt and too small for a single bed.  So I unpicked the centre seam, and ended up with 4 tops from 2.  Bonus!!  Here is one half of the quilt top above.
A couple of simple borders in primary colours, and the first one is done.  It is now suitable as a cot quilt or one for a small single bed. 


The fabrics are all novelties, so they will make fabulous I Spy quilts for a child.  The fabrics in the photo above are all sorts of things, and the close up below, you will see is all food. 

I've had neighbours here for lunch, so I think it is about time I wound this up and settled in for a quiet evening.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Hi Dasha such lovely work my friend and you knit so beautifully as well,lucky MIL,hope you have a lovely evening my friend xx

  2. I detest how google thinks it knows better then you and makes you change...... I love Picasa too.....

  3. HI Dasha, I use Flickr for photos, using the embed as a link. Google is trying to take over the world, putting more and more restrictions on its blogspot users, forcing them into its own products. I am glad I went with Wordpress from the get-go. Next thing, and they have already started on this path, is only your Google Plus followers will be able to comment.
    Really cute quilts!

  4. I love the grey fabric you used in your scrapbusting quilt. Linda's quilt is nice too but I prefer yours. I pinned it for future reference. Thanks for the inspiration. The vest looks pretty warm to me and that's what counts. (Ginger is very good for arthritis, so is apple cider vinegar.) Those colourful quilts do make wonderful I spy! Enjoy! ;^)

  5. That's all very pretty! You HAVE been busy. Love the sweater, and didn't see the mistakes :) The quilt turned out so nicely.
    As for the Picasa/Google Photos thing -- UGH!! That's exactly what happened to me! I had just gotten my brain wrapped around how to use Picasa, and was organizing photos, etc., and then they took it away. I'll be honest with you, I have NEVER been able to figure out how to upload a photo from Google Photos into a blog post on Blogger. Ever. I don't think the two even work together or talk to each other. If you figure out how to put a picture from Google Photos INTO a blog post, please, please let us all know! Right now, I can only take a photo into Blogger straight from my phone. So I have to use my phone for every single picture I want on a blog post. And I have to keep the picture on my phone until I write the post. If I accidentally delete it, I can't use it, even though I can SEE it right there on Google Photos. It's so frustrating. I don't understand its use at all.

    Rant over! Keep up the good work. Don't forget to blog, dear. It's our way of sharing with each other all the good ideas out there. Besides, if you don't blog, how in the world am I going to learn new words like "whinge." Is that pronounced like "hinge"? Never heard of it. See? You're educational!

  6. Love your version of the quilt, that scrappyish look suits it perfectly and the blue doesn't hit you in the face as a pattern in its own right straight away.
    I've been putting off going onto Picasa, guess I'd best take a look and if needs be uninstall it from the laptop!
    I git caught out years back and lost all the pics I'd posted on the early blog.
    Hope its demise doesn't mean all the later pics have disappeared too - I daren't look!
    That would mean I might stop blogging I think, my blog was nothing more than a photo album for me, and maybe my daughter, to look back on anyway.
    Maybe journals are the way to go after all but then you don't get to chat to nice folks like you!

  7. Sorry to read of your frustrations Dasha... I confess I just use the 'insert image' button at the top of the page when I'm writing a blog post... taking the images from either my camera SD card or from my files on my computer. I've never had any problems with doing that. I hope you get it sorted out soon, it's annoying when tech stuff doesn't play nice!!

  8. Hi Dasha. Well, I have never liked Picasa, sorry! Quite happy with the Windows photo thing that comes with the package. Simple which is how I like it. What jolly fabrics in the quilt tops you were given - I love the way you have framed a section. Your top is great too although it sent my head funny trying to follow the path lol. xx

  9. Interesting how everyone has different experiences/preferences for uploading blog pictures! I haven't done a blog post in over a week, so maybe I'm in for a big surprise, but I just upload my photos directly from my computer. I usually take photos with my camera, then transfer them from the camera card to the computer using a card reader. If the photos need tweaking (and mine usually do!) I use a photo-editing program (not Picasa, although I have used it to make photo collages) and save the photos on my computer using my own filing system.
    The sweater vest turned out lovely! Any mistakes were not immediately visible - so pat yourself on the back for finishing, despite your achy hands!


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