Saturday, 20 August 2016

Newcastle Stitches & Craft Show

My friend Jo and I went to the Newcastle Stitching & Craft Show yesterday.  (If you are in the area, its still on and you have time for a visit.)  In this part of the world, the Stitches & Craft shows are basically trade shows which go from town to town with loads and loads of traders coming from all over to trade from stalls at the show.  These are great even for people who live in a major city and have quilt shops nearby.  Walking from stall to stall, there is so much variety and so much to see!

This show had a small display of modern quilts made by the members of the Quake City Modern Quilters (link takes you to their Facebook page only) They are a small group of ladies local to Newcastle and their quilts were stunning.  I thought I would share some of those I really liked.

The photo doesn't do this one justice - you can't see the lovely work on it, and the lighting in this corner was terrible.  It was made by Catherine Mosely from a pattern by Jen Kingswell

Green Tea and Sweet Beans by Catherine Mosely
If you have read my blog before, you will have guessed that I am very fond of applique.  This quilt had a mix of pieced blocks and appliqued ones.

This one is constructed using half square triangles.  There was a lot of movement in that quilt.

Pole Dancer by Wendy Nutt
It had some lovely machine quilting on it.

The next one is also by Wendy Nutt.

Spinning Wheel by Wendy Nutt
The construction is actually a standard 4 patch block which has been slashed to resemble the spoke of a wheel.  It was stunning, and also had great quilting, echoing the illusion of piecing in line with the pieced blocks. 

I have seen lots of photos of "brick" quilts on the Net, but Susan Horvath has extended that concept and used scrappy fabrics to construct the "bricks".  It is really effective.

Mosaic Windows by Susan Horvath
 And a close up.  Nice quilting here too....

This last one, I can't credit.  :(  There were two quilts side by side, both exceedingly different and one label between the two quilts, with no clue as to which quilt it belonged to.  As the quilts were so different in style etc.  I chose not credit it in case I mention the wrong maker.  If you know the name of the quilter, please tell me and I will edit this post to give credit.

Close up...

At the start of this post I mentioned that this was basically a trader's show.  Well of course I bought one or two things.  But that will be fodder for my next post, so you will just have to wait a while.  Promise it won't be too long.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Wow Dasha there's some incredible work there... love the Jen Kingwell quilt... & the Spinning Wheel is a masterpiece... can't wait to see your purchases.

  2. Amazing quilting on these quilts. Love the Spinning Wheel. Green Tea is also amazing, so much to look at and yet, everything works so well together. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. ;^)

  3. Such beautiful quilts ,thankyou for sharing Dasha xx

  4. What a feast!
    Love the Green Tea design and that's a great version there.
    Also adore the scrappy effect on the bricks quilt too, clever that.
    Some wonderful quilting as well, I do respect that being such a dunce at it myself lol

  5. Some beautiful quilts there - I love the spinning wheel. xx


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