Monday, 22 August 2016


In my last post I mentioned that Jo and I had "just happened" to do a bit of shopping.  Hee hee.  Jo needed some backing fabrics for 2 quilts, and both were a somewhat unusual colour, so she asked if I minded going past a shop or two on our way to the show last Friday.  Mind?? Does a duck swim??

The first shop we stopped at was on the way to Newcastle, sort of.  It was Patchwork by the Lake in the Main street of Boolaroo.  There's no web page, but they are on Facebook if you have a FB account. 

Can you see the fabulous pressed ceiling in the photo below?
Its an amazing shop actually as Boolaroo is a tiny, tiny place in an out of the way village and yet there is a fabulous shop there, with an enormous range of fabrics.   

I picked up 3 gorgeous pieces of fabric there. 

The blue floral is going to be the sashing on a little child's quilt, and the 2 yellows are just because.
By the time we headed off we were thinking of morning tea, so we stopped at a coffee shop in Adamstown, just next door to Quilt Essentials in Adamstown.

Lovely shop with a great range of fabrics and lovely welcoming staff.
I picked up the pattern on the right in this photo.
Its hard to tell from the photo, but it is a little round bin with a spring which allows the bin to fold up flat. 
On the left of the above photo is a Wendy Williams set of pin cushions I bought at the show.  I chose to buy the kit for the middle one.  Such a fun set of pin cushions!
Next stop was the Stitches & Craft Show at Newcastle.  I told you about that in my last post here
I picked up some Robison Anton threads (which I love to use for quilting), some sewing machine needles, and a quilt weight.

Mr Scissorman was there as always.  I needed a new pair of embroidery scissors.  The little job on the left of the photo below is a pair of travel scissors I will be able to take on planes.

The Western Sydney Woodworking Group had a stall there.  I love wooden things, and found a letter opener, magnifying glass and a thingy to open and close quilting pins.  Anyone know what they are called?  There's also a cute little spinning top which they gave me for my little grandson.

And then it was time to go.  But Jo was still looking for fabrics, so we decided to check out the other shops in the vicinity.

We found Zig Zag Sewing at Georgetown.  Love that shop! 

And then On Point Patchwork & Needlecraft at Waratah where I found a range of Civil War fabrics.

You'd think I would have enough of those by now, but no.  These just had to come home with me.
So that was our day.  Exhausting!  But so much fun.  Thanks Jo for doing all that driving.
And after all that, Jo did find some backing fabric for one of her quilts.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Newcastle Stitches & Craft Show

My friend Jo and I went to the Newcastle Stitching & Craft Show yesterday.  (If you are in the area, its still on and you have time for a visit.)  In this part of the world, the Stitches & Craft shows are basically trade shows which go from town to town with loads and loads of traders coming from all over to trade from stalls at the show.  These are great even for people who live in a major city and have quilt shops nearby.  Walking from stall to stall, there is so much variety and so much to see!

This show had a small display of modern quilts made by the members of the Quake City Modern Quilters (link takes you to their Facebook page only) They are a small group of ladies local to Newcastle and their quilts were stunning.  I thought I would share some of those I really liked.

The photo doesn't do this one justice - you can't see the lovely work on it, and the lighting in this corner was terrible.  It was made by Catherine Mosely from a pattern by Jen Kingswell

Green Tea and Sweet Beans by Catherine Mosely
If you have read my blog before, you will have guessed that I am very fond of applique.  This quilt had a mix of pieced blocks and appliqued ones.

This one is constructed using half square triangles.  There was a lot of movement in that quilt.

Pole Dancer by Wendy Nutt
It had some lovely machine quilting on it.

The next one is also by Wendy Nutt.

Spinning Wheel by Wendy Nutt
The construction is actually a standard 4 patch block which has been slashed to resemble the spoke of a wheel.  It was stunning, and also had great quilting, echoing the illusion of piecing in line with the pieced blocks. 

I have seen lots of photos of "brick" quilts on the Net, but Susan Horvath has extended that concept and used scrappy fabrics to construct the "bricks".  It is really effective.

Mosaic Windows by Susan Horvath
 And a close up.  Nice quilting here too....

This last one, I can't credit.  :(  There were two quilts side by side, both exceedingly different and one label between the two quilts, with no clue as to which quilt it belonged to.  As the quilts were so different in style etc.  I chose not credit it in case I mention the wrong maker.  If you know the name of the quilter, please tell me and I will edit this post to give credit.

Close up...

At the start of this post I mentioned that this was basically a trader's show.  Well of course I bought one or two things.  But that will be fodder for my next post, so you will just have to wait a while.  Promise it won't be too long.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Sunday Already

Well I had every intention of doing a post last week, but somehow or other here it is Sunday evening and I'm just getting around to posting.

Part of the problem is that the powers that be have decided that Picasa should be removed from usage.  It has taken me totally by surprise, so when I went to upload some photos during the week I couldn't do it the way I normally do.  It appears that now I have to use Google Photos.  You know something?  I HATE Google Photos.  It is so user unfriendly you just wouldn't believe.  I absolutely loathe the way it wants to group everything for you into themes and insists you tag all the faces.  Well I have managed to remove that, but how do you sort the photos?  Manually of course.  How I wish they would bring back Picasa!!  Any thoughts on that one??

Now that I have had my whinge of the week, I can show you what I have been up to.

First up, Last week I showed you a top I had under way.  It is now complete, and I took it to Stitching Hearts for backing and batting.  It is a small lap size which will likely go to a nursing home or some such.

I have called this quilt "U-Turns".  I have also realised that I have not credited the original maker.  I was inspired by a similar quilt at Linda's Quiltmania, but as I made the quilt from memory, mine is a bit different.

This is a closer look. 

It was such a great way to use up 2.5" strips, and so much fun!  I just used scraps, but I should imagine that if you used a jelly roll or perhaps one colourway it would look stunning.  Just the fact that Linda used white for her pathway gives a totally different look.
Also this week I have (finally) finished off knitting a sleeveless vest for my mother-in-law.  Don't look too closely - it has some major bloopers in it.

It is the second one I have made for her.  I made her one in 2008, and she wore it to death.  So much so that last year when I was in the UK, when we were clearing out her apartment for sale, we found it with all its tattered edges and pockets and bits that were falling off.  Brigid asked me to make another.   I found it very hard work as I have arthritis in the joints of my hands and so it took me forever to knit it.  All done and dusted now, and we can post it off to her in the UK.

Also last week, the friend of the mother of one of my friends at Friday Quilters (did you get that??) sent in 2 quilt tops as a donation to Stitching Hearts. 

They were too big for a cot quilt and too small for a single bed.  So I unpicked the centre seam, and ended up with 4 tops from 2.  Bonus!!  Here is one half of the quilt top above.
A couple of simple borders in primary colours, and the first one is done.  It is now suitable as a cot quilt or one for a small single bed. 


The fabrics are all novelties, so they will make fabulous I Spy quilts for a child.  The fabrics in the photo above are all sorts of things, and the close up below, you will see is all food. 

I've had neighbours here for lunch, so I think it is about time I wound this up and settled in for a quiet evening.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.