Saturday, 30 July 2016

Blogless July

And June too..... :-(

I have completely lost my blogging impetus.  I feel stupid talking to the air.  Maybe its because I have never kept a diary.  Whatever, it feels like I'm bragging; blowing my own trumpet.

Maybe my blogging MoJo will come back sometime soon.  Who knows.

My quilting MoJo is in full swing and I have been creating like crazy.  Do they work in opposition?  If I feel like writing, does that mean that my creativity is low and I'm replacing it with blogging?  And vice versa?

Anyway, so that this is not a completely photoless post here are a couple of things I have made lately.

This is a knitted door stop made for the church stall later this year....

This top on my design floor I made in a frenzy of piecing from my humungous pile of 2.5" strips.

I enjoyed the Scrap Dance Quickstep (see here for more) so much that I just kept piecing and piecing and piecing those strip sets, and so this emerged.
Trouble is that I keep ferreting around and replenishing that pile of 2.5" strips beside my machine, so it doesn't get any smaller!  Guess I'll have to get stuck into some more strip sets. LOL.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.