Monday, 6 June 2016

A Quick Finish

Well it was pretty quick for me!

After I finished working on the Scrap Dance Tango blocks at the Retreat (told you about those here), I still had a couple of hours of sewing time to go before we had to pack up.  The only other thing I had brought with me was a big bag of blue 3.5" squares.  So I started putting together some 4 patch blocks using them.  Sorry, no photo of those in progress.  (Phew! you say)

Back home again, I found some lime green homespun in the stash, only just enough to do some sashing.  To make sure there was enough, I pulled my bag of blue 2" squares and put in some corner stones as well. 

Looking good....

Didn't take long to put the top together.  Then it was time to choose some fabric for the border.  Tibby photo bombed the top when I laid it out ready for some fabric choices.  But then what's a quilt without a cat eh?

My choices were these two.....

Or these two.....

I ended up choosing the one bottom left on the photo above.

All finished in under 2 weeks and ready to go to Cabarita to Stitching Hearts next week.  Pretty much a record for me I think.

This morning while making breakfast there was a deafening noise of Rainbow Lorikeets outside.  They are always noisy, but this morning the noise was amazing.  Its the first day of sunshine after several days of torrential rain and they were out and about.  When I went to check, this is what I found.....

This shrub has berries on it at the moment.  I haven't seen the lorikeets eating them before.  Perhaps its because the shrub has been pruned and the berries are more visible?

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. pretty quilt and those birds are so colorful. love it!

  2. Lovely cheerful quilt top Dasha. Love when the Rainbow Lorikeets come to visit.

  3. The quilt top has turned out beautiful, a great finish. Those birds are lovely - they remind me of the Bee Eaters we sometimes see in Spain. xx

  4. Dasha, what a fun quick quilt. The green pairs well with all the blues! The birds are sooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing them too!

  5. It's great how the lime green pulls the blues together. I love that colour combination despite what my grandother taught me: "Blue and green, should never be seen". Well, times change and so do colour preferences; this quilt is perfect!


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