Saturday, 14 May 2016

Revisiting Bow Ties

In the 2 weeks since we got back home from our holiday, there's been very little stitching done, and none of it in green.  Don't know where those days went!

But.... I have begun to put the bow ties I made last year for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge together into a little lap quilt for Stitching Hearts.

I have all the rows pieced, and several stitched together. 

I was inspired by Julie's layout which you'll find here.  She blogs at Julie's Quilts & Costumes.  Thank you for your inspiration Julie.  Hope you don't mind me pinching your layout. 
I was about to sew the 5th and 6th rows together yesterday at Friday Quilters, when I realised that I actually had two identical yellow blocks side by side.  If they had been spaced apart, I would not have worried, but I just couldn't handle a scrap quilt with two identical blocks adjoining one another, so I ripped the block out and replaced it.  The top will need a couple of borders to make it a bit larger, but I have no idea what I am going to do for those.
I have enough bow ties left over to make another little lap quilt.
The other thing I have been doing recently is some sewing for the Charity Day which our local Bridge Club is holding next week.  I just happened to have a large piece of fabric printed with cards & dice.  It seemed appropriate, so I covered a few "green" bags with it.  They have been immensely popular.

Do you have "green" shopping bags at your local supermarket?  Here all the supermarkets run a line of bags made from recycled plastic.  The bags come in a variety of colours, and are a great size, sturdy, and most people use them as storage bags or organisers, not just for shopping.  They last forever.
I also made a few in other fabrics, like this one.

The club is selling them for $10 each and if all 9 of those I made sell, then I reckon my contribution to Charity Day is pretty good.
Besides the tote bags, I made 3 little zippered pouches.

Love making them.  And last time I looked, they've all been sold.
Next week is our Retreat.  I am so looking forward to 4 days away with nothing to do but sew and gossip and eat!  I'm planning to take along the Scrap Dance Tango mystery quilt which is being run by Carole at From My Carolina Home, and get all caught up.  I am so behind with that! 
I'm also planning to take another batch of  RSC blocks from previous years to put together into a top if I get caught up on the mystery.

Linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge tonight.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Your little pouches are adorable! And I hope your other bags sell instantly as well.
    Enjoy your retreat!

  2. Your bow tie arrangement is wonderful! I, too, admired Julie's all last year. Do you apply the fabrics OVER the existing shopping bags? I have covered logos areas before, but not the full sides . . .

  3. Yes, we have green bags, so handy to fold up an extra in case I find some giveaway fabric at our quilt group. Your little pouches should also be good sellers. The bow ties have turned into a charming small quilt. Good going!

  4. Love the layout of your little bow ties blocks. Really cute! It's coming along beautifully.
    We do have recycled grocery bags in Canada too. Since they already have beautiful pictures on them (animals, fruits, geometric shapes, whatever) I never thought of recovery them but it is a great idea. Love your zipper bags. That reminds me; I should make some more too. ;^)

  5. I've made what I call grocery bags (trace a plastic grocery bag for pattern) with some fun fabrics for Christmas gifts and they are always a hit. The cards and dice is such a fun fabric. I like the pouch with pansies on it. I'm a sucker for anything with pansies. Good for you for selling your things for charity. I can see why...they are cute and useful.

    I like that unusual layout for bowties. (I don't think two identical yellows together would have bothered me enough to rip...I HATE ripping.)

  6. Fun layout, I love everything Julie does!

    Vegas is shamefully slow about recycling. There are bags made from recycled plastic, but I have not heard of sturdy, reusable ones.
    Retreat sounds so nice, I hope you have fun with the gals!

  7. Those bowties are pretty! Love all the bags and pouches you are making, too. Sounds like they sell well at your Charity Day?! I also had fun looking at your past posts about your trip to the outback. For an American who lives in Colorado, that sounds just amazing!

  8. where does time go? I think I stay busy but can't see much done!

  9. You have been busy since your holiday I think... xox

  10. Your bow tie quilt top is loking good and what a great contribution to the charity day. xx

  11. lovely bow-tie arrangements there Dasha... yep I'm a big fan of re-usable shopping bags, I only like to have enough plastic ones so I can use them as bin liners... I'm sure you'll enjoy your Retreat x

  12. Reusable bags are pushed as the new idea lol but my parents and gran always too their own bags - in the olden days lol
    Ive made afew bags for myself and still gave a dozen of those store sturdy bags too. They are perfect for storing magazines in too!
    Love the zippy bags, they look so pretty, where do you sell yours then?

  13. That layout is perfect for bow tie blocks and I love all the RSC colors in yours!

  14. What CUTE little lined zipper pouches! I'm not surprised they all sold.

  15. Any way you lay out bow tie blocks you get a great quilt top! Love your bags. I'm finding some of the ones in the stores don't last as long as you'd think. Good quilter-made bags, on the other hand, will be more durable!

  16. Very pretty bow ties, I love your pouches. They always come in handy and they make awesome gifts.

  17. I have not seen that layout for bowties; love it!

  18. love your bow layout. and the bags are so pretty too.


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