Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Outback Road Trip

The last 10 days we have been on a road trip through outback NSW and are no in Queensland.  Amazing experiences and a thousand photos, so I will give you a cut down version of our trip so far.  Internet access has been either non-existent, or like here, flaky with the connection dropping out frequently, so I haven't been able to do a post before. 

We started out going north then out west towards Narrabri.

We passed a bat colony which had taken up residence in the park in Singleton.  They have completely destroyed the pretty little park, and it is closed.  So sad.

Many of the lovely old trees are dying but bats are a protected species, so nothing can be done until they choose to move on, which may be never.
After an overnight stop in Narrabri we headed to Lightning Ridge via Wee Waa and Burren Junction. 
Artesian Baths 10km East of Burren Junction
Nest made by Weaver Ants beside the road near Lightning Ridge 
 Lightning Ridge is a large opal mining town.  There were some quirky buildings....

A castle made of rocks and bottles.  Even a garden gnome for a gargoyle

Several buildings made of bottles - this one was a museum.  Lovely stained glass windows too

The walk in mine.  Note the couture hard hat!

Down, down, down to the bowels of the earth

A cactus nursery
The Black Hand Mine is now disused and there are now some 400 sculptures on its walls.  Everything from the Last Supper 

 To the super heroes.
Leaving Lightning Ridge we headed for Cunnamulla in Western Queensland. 
The Hebel Pub.  Not much more than that and the General Store in Hebel.
The roads were getting pretty isolated by this time with a bit of dirt as well.

We saw 1 car in this 90km stretch, and about 20 emus and 50 or so feral goats.  It was about here that we clocked up 1,000km for the trip.

These guys make a mess of the car if you hit one
We were back to the main road at Bollon, a pretty little town with a population of about 350 with a gorgeous river walk and a very good museum.

The Wallam River at Bollon
We have been staying in caravan parks (along with dozens of grey nomads) in cabins, as we don't have a van.  Some are really nice places.  Love the trees, and birds, an outdoor lifestyle.

Our next stop was Cunnamulla, but I'll leave that until the next post.

Til next time, enjoy the sunshine.