Friday, 4 March 2016

More on Shirley's Quilts

The last week or so I have got back to quilting Shirley's Basket Quilt.  I first told you about Shirley's quilts here

I had got about half way with the quilting on her Basket Quilt at the end of last year and stalled.  Partly because of a hectic Christmas season and mostly because I had bought a new machine for myself at Christmas.  I was so uncomfortable with using the machine that I wanted to leave off quilting anything until I got more confident with using it.  A week or so back I felt brave enough to attempt to finish the quilting on this quilt on the new machine.  I am really happy with the results.

In the plain white area between the baskets, I free motion quilted a Celtic knot design using a template.  Here is one of them, complete with a scrap of thread hanging off it!

In my last post about this quilt, I said I was undecided about how to handle the piece of plain white between the top of the basket and the handle.
I decided to make some Suffolk puffs in yellow and sew them on after the quilting was complete.   To make these I used my Clover Yo-Yo maker.
I've had it for ages, and haven't used it much.  But the right tool just makes all the difference, even if you haven't had much use for it.  This little yo-yo maker makes the cutest little folded flowers, which I think are perfect for this quilt.

I used a variety of lemony yellow fabrics, with a few prints with a splash of blue in them and have made enough puffs for at least 2 on each basket.  I have placed them sort of randomly - some a bit higher, some a bit lower.

About half of them are now sewn on.  They take an awfully long time to stitch on considering they are so small.
I free motion quilted around all the edges of the baskets and all the seams of the basket itself.
You can see it a bit clearer from the back.

On the borders I wanted to replicate the sweet little hearts printed on the fabric, so I used a template in a double heart design.  Almost invisible on the front in the photo I took, so here it is from the back. 

I am really pleased with how this is looking.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.