Sunday, 21 February 2016

Browns for February

This is the third year I have been participating in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge that Angela runs at her blog, Soscrappy.  Each month she publishes the colour of the month for us to sew with.  This year, the colour for February is brown, and if we wish we can use pink as a highlight.
I have had some time to sew up a few brown scraps.  First of all I made two little Scrappy Susannah blocks.
If you look closely you might see that the half square triangles around the centre are a pale pink.  They haven't come up too well in the photograph.  I probably shouldn't have used the pink contrast with the rusty block on the right.  In reality it looks a bit yuk.  But I'm not pulling it apart!
I also made a postage stamp block with a bunch of 2" scraps.

This block will finish at 11" and there are a myriad of shades of brown in it.  Everything from the darkest brown through to mustard. 
There are some really old scraps in that block.  The square in the second row from the bottom and 3rd from the right is from the wedding quilt I made for my daughter.  She was married almost 18 years ago.  Almost as old, is the mustard square in the centre of the fourth row.  Fun to see these scraps emerging from the depths of my brown stash of squares.
I have also begun a Sunbonnet Sue quilt, which is destined for Stitching Hearts.  The colour for last month was blue with purple highlights, so my first block was blue & mauve.
She still needs a little Suffolk Puff for her hat, but I won't put that on until after the quilt has been quilted.
On a roll, I put together her mate, Overall Andy, in this month browns.  No pink for a fella, but his dungarees have a cute red stripe through them.

I am almost finished doing the applique on him - only have his hat band and sleeves to do.  I really like doing buttonhole applique, which I do at night in front of the TV.  Haven't done any for a while so this has been very enjoyable.
Today there was an all day craft day at the Baptist church in Narara.  Several of us from Friday Quilters joined in, while others were doing scrapbooking and one lady was painting.  It was great fun.  I didn't stay much past lunch time as I was relying on a lift home, but will definitely be first on the list for the next craft day.  I took a quilt to quilt.  I'll show if off next time. 
Why not go take a look at all the other brown goodies people have made for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.
In my last post here, I mentioned I had made some quillos for the children of a friend for Christmas.  It occurred to me that perhaps you don't know what a quillo actually is.  Well a quillo(w) is a quilt with a pocket at one end, and you fold it up to form a little pillow.  There is a Youtube folding demo here:

Kids love them because they can sit on the sofa or floor with their feet in the pocket.  The ones I made were small - small kid sized, but you can make them fairly large for an adult and so they can double as a bed quilt.

I make mine whole cloth i.e. from one piece on the front and one on the back, so easy peasy.  But you can piece the top if you wish.  They are a fun alternative to a quilt, and I have made a whole lot for a heap of kids over the years.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching

Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Early last year I decided to make some quillos for a special family of four kids to be gifted for Christmas. You may have read my posts of the first two I made here and here.  Despite starting on this project nice and early in the year, as Christmas drew near, I still had two to go.  I was on a mission to get them finished.  When there are four kids, you can't favour one over another, so it was all four or none at all.
This one is for a little girl of 6.  The pattern is of fairies and elves on a navy background which I have had for a long time. 
Here it is folded up into a pillow......

I did an open meander for the quilting and the backing is a pink which tones with the bright pink flowers on the front.

For the last quillo, which was for a little boy of 15 months, I chose some Bob the Builder fabric.  His Dad is a builder, so I thought that was perfect.

This one is quilted on the diagonal into diamond shapes, and has a Pokémon fabric on the reverse in a mustardy yellow.

Here it is in pillow form.

And here are all four laid out......

And the pillow fronts....

And the pillow backs....

Can you tell I am pleased with them?

I got the last one finished in time to wrap and give for Christmas.  Whew!  Sadly I couldn't give the gifts in person, but I am told that they were well received. 

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.