Sunday, 3 January 2016

Update to the Sewing Space

Back in November, I was prowling the shops one day, with The Man tagging along impatiently behind me, looking to update my sewing table.  All of a sudden he pipes up and says "Why don't I get you one of those for Christmas and your birthday?"
Not one to pass up an offer like that, I jumped at the chance, and eventually chose the style and colour etc. at my local sewing machine centre.  That paid off as I get good service there, and mostly a discount on stuff too.  The boxes were delivered about 5 days before Christmas.
He had said "I'll put it together" which apart from anything else was a saving of $120.  But I'm sure he envisaged a task of a couple of hours, but in the end he spent about 10 hours putting it together. 
What's next??

First bit constructed

All done
Not having to pay for the table I had planned to purchase, I dithered just a flash, and bought a new machine.  Although I loved my Bernina 440, it was used when I bought it, and is now very well used.  I have upgraded to a Bernina 720 and I am planning on selling the old machine to part fund this one.

Now all that needs to happen is for me to learn how to use it!  It is very hi tech and the first time I sat down to it, I was a bit freaked.  It felt like I had 10 left thumbs.  LOL.

The new set up
I also took the opportunity to tidy up my room a bit.  Not showing the other side of the room as it is still a bit chaotic.  LOL

For my first lot of sewing on the new equipment, I decided to do some simple piecing to familiarise myself with all the buttons etc. on the new machine.   I made up some dark blue bow tie blocks, to finish off the RSC for 2015.  Now all I need to do is piece the blocks into tops.

In the week since Christmas, I have done lots of sewing.  In the couple of months before the end of the year, I brought home about 5 or 6 tops from Stitching Hearts which needed borders or backings or both.  All but one have been done.  I think I have only 5 left thumbs now.  (heh heh).  I'm not going to show you photos as none of it is really my sewing.

Not quite ready to tackle the mountain of quilting that needs to be done.  Apart from anything else, I am still waiting on the table insert for the new table. 

Apart from lots of sewing, I have been doing some preserving.  On the Sunday after Christmas, a friend gave me three buckets of fruit.

There were two sorts of plums - yellow and red, peaches, nectarines and a whole pile of avocados too.  All from a farm locally.  Most were windfalls, so a bit riper than they should be for preserving.  I had no place to store them, so they had to be processed immediately before they rotted in the heat of our summer.
I made the plums into jam.  The yellow plums were the ripest, so they were the first cab off the rank.

I prepped the peaches for jam and froze them until I had a bit more time to cook it up, and stewed up a batch of the red plums and also the nectarines.  Both are frozen for later.  There is a bowl full of fruit in the fridge for eating.  I also want to make some marmalade for His Nibs (he's English and he is very fond of his marmalade), but I'm a bit jammed out at present.

What have you been up to these holidays?

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Your new sewing cabinet looks quite spiffy! And congrats on the new machine - I hope she brings you many happy hours of stitching!

  2. enjoy your new sewing table and more importantly your new machine........

  3. oh wow aren't you the swish one Dasha?! New cabinet & fabulous new machine, I'm so excited for you... happy stitching to be had, I just know it!

  4. Your sewing room looks like those in a magazine. So wonderfully organized. What better way to start a new year but with a new machine. Lucky girl!! Enjoy! ♥ ;^)

  5. That's a great table and gift! Things like that, its helpful to have a handy man about the house : )
    Good luck with the machine and I'm sure youll master itin no time at all

  6. Week, that is exciting. A new table and a new machine! Enjoy getting to know how to use both most effectively. Hope the sewing space clean out goes well. It never seems to last long, but it it always nice to have it tidy for a while,

  7. That's Christmas with a bonus! Lucky you: new table, new machine and new sewing room. For putting the table together so successfully His Nibs deserves buckets of marmalade!

  8. That Bernina is the same as mine so I know how you feel about it....much more high tech than my other machines and I can't get used to not having a presserfoot lever....gets me every time!! I had one lesson before we upped and left Brisbane so the rest of it has been trial and error. The table is great and I have had one on my wish list for quite some time....although even if it might be purchased for me, I would still have to build it hahahaha! I am making peach pie filling today....I love that side of my new life

  9. I love the new table Dasha - it looks brilliant! Good luck with the machine - I'm happy with my basic 1008. We are just back from a wet and windy UK to a wet and windy France. Not a very productive 4 weeks but good to catch up with family and friends. Have a great 2016. xx


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