Sunday, 13 December 2015

Fessing Up

On Friday, my quilt group got together for the final meeting of the year - a Christmas lunch at Elaine's.  Thank you Elaine for hosting a lovely day.

Instead of doing a craft as we have done in previous years, we decided that we would bring in a UFO to show.  Mine was so old, I was totally embarrassed showing it, and now I am going to tell the world.  I'll have to do something about finishing it now, won't I?  LOL

Telling the story
This quilt was born in 2005 (actually I thought it was much older).  Back then I was a member of the Quilter's Guild in Sydney.  Each quarter there would be a Block of the Quarter printed in their magazine, and the idea was, if you wanted to participate, you made one or more blocks, which were then posted to the office.  Little baggies were made up with the contributions, and drawn at the next meeting.  The winners of the baggies got an unspecified number of blocks depending on how many were originally contributed.  I was lucky enough to win one of those little bags, in which from memory there were 9 blocks.

This what the block looks like, and it finished at 12" square. 

The Block
The top came together rather quickly despite me having to make a few more to make a 4 x 6 layout.  The brief was Autumn colours, which I love and have heaps of in stash. 
The next problem was what to do with the border.  I chose to piece a Seminole border using yardage I had in stash.  I didn't have a pattern for this, but that was OK - I had pieced Seminole before.
Seminole Border
Of course about 2/3 of the way in to piecing that border, I realised I didn't have enough of either of the green fabrics!  Murphy's Law - none in the store I purchased it in as it was so old.  I couldn't really substitute another colour, or add one for that matter.  So the quilt got stored in the cupboard for a (long) while.....

Some time later, I was talking to a friend who was a member of Southern Cross Quilters online group.  She offered to post a photo of the fabrics in the hope that someone had some.  Success!  The dark green was found in outback Queensland, and the light green came from Western Australia.  I set to and completed the border.

Got the maths right on this corner!
Now anyone who knows me, knows that my maths is that of a first grader.  So I drafted the corner pieces to make sure that it all fitted neatly.  Somehow it even worked (not showing you the other corner which is distinctly dodgy).  The trickiest bit was working out how wide to make the gold framing border to bring the quilt to the right measurements for the border to work.
Then to quilt it.  But how???? 
You know the answer - the quilt languished in the cupboard for a while longer.
Fed up with seeing the quilt sandwich taking up room, I began quilting a couple of years back by stitching in the ditch, hoping that inspiration for the rest would hit once I had done that.  But I wasn't real good at FMQ in those days, so once I had finished stitching in the ditch, back it went into the cupboard.
Then about a year ago, I felt confident enough (and inspired) to quilt a design in the neutral sections.

Neutral Section Quilting
And here it is from the back, complete with threads, still hanging.

Back view of Quilting
But the quilting inspiration did not extend to the rest of the block.  If you look at the next picture, you will see that the blocks are arranged in a design where your eye sort of follows the patches of colour on the diagonal, and the design looks almost like circles.

Can you see the circles?
What I had in mind was to quilt along the diagonal so that the circles would be more defined and the neutral areas would "pop" a bit.  All good in theory, but how do I achieve it?  And then there is the border.  How on earth do I quilt that.....

That is when the quilt went back into the cupboard. 

At the time I was doing the quilt, I decided to piece the backing from scraps.  Some of those fabrics are in the top itself.  I was chuffed with how this back turned out.

The pieced back
I even managed to use up a piece of cat fabric some sweet person had given me which I didn't really like.  It is lost in amongst all the rest of the fabrics, and actually blends quite well.

The offending cats.
So now that I have outed myself, I need to schedule that quilt and finish it.  Maybe if I leave it lolling about where it is in the way in my workroom that will be sufficient to prod me into action.

I am going to finish off now, with a photo taken through my kitchen window the other day.  This is a Crested Dove, native to Australia, and he has been visiting me regularly for the last couple of weeks.  They are very timid and I am amazed he is comfortable enough to get that close to humanity.  Isn't he handsome?

Crested Dove
Apart from the cute crest, his feathers are a beautiful shade of grey.  He has a gorgeous blush of pink on his shoulders, and a stunning set of purple feathers at the tips of his wings.  They make a curious whirring noise as they take off to fly, but I haven't heard their call.  When he is courting, the tail feathers spread out and stand upright into a fan shape, and he does a little dance in front of his mate. 

Love watching the wildlife.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Hi Dasha wow I am so glad you got the fabric to finish off your quilt as it looks fantastic,hope you had a lovely weekend xx

  2. Your quilt looks great Dasha. See it as your "lesson quilt". Because of it, you have learned many lessons and have grown a lot as a quilter. And yet, you managed to do a lovely job with it. You are almost at the end; you have to finish this now. Com'on you can do this lol. ;^)

  3. Get your fingers out girl, there's no turning back to the cupboard now!
    It's striking so well worth finishing and if your fed up of seeing it once complete .... I'd be happy to give it a home!!
    :) x

  4. Good on you for tackling an old UFO. I love how you've laid out the blocks so they're like circles, and the seminole border frames it perfectly. Just a bit more quilting and then it's done.

  5. Well now you HAVE to finish it because we will all keep nagging you til you do! Have a very happy Christmas Dasha! xCathy

  6. Go on Dasha - make it a priority for 2016! The sooner it is finished the happier you will be. It is a great quilt and I look forward to seeing it complete. Have a great Christmas Dasha. xx


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