Thursday, 3 December 2015

Ancient Stitching

Since I have been blogging I have kept a photo record of all (well, almost all) that I have sewn, but the stuff I did years ago is not recorded very well.  So in the last week or so, I have trawled the photo albums and all the loose photos, scanned them all, and got them sorted on my computer.  I thought I would share some of these with you.

My patchwork journey started in 1989 with an all night class at a shop in Bondi owned by Toni Lober. 

It was a mad, crazy, fun, exhausting night, but at the end of it I had an almost complete top.   The class was for a diamond log cabin table cloth, and I was ignorant enough in those days not to know that was different from a regular log cabin.
This is what we made.....

These days I use the tablecloth sometimes with a clear plastic on top to protect it.
I wanted a log cabin quilt to go on my bed, and the plan was to use the fabric in those curtains in the centre of the block. 
The knitted blanket on the bed is one I made in the last 2 years of school, so it was completed in 1967 and is still in use occasionally these days (showing my age here.  LOL)
I did end up making that log cabin quilt I was planning, but by the time it was completed and quilted I had moved house and the curtains were long gone. 
In 1999 I decided to take the backing off the tablecloth and put a nicer one on.  I then requilted it, much more densely. 

About 1992-3 I found a kit which I made up into a wall hanging.  I have no idea where I bought it or the name of the maker.

I was so proud of it!  My first attempt at applique which now after years of patchworking I reckon wasn't all that bad.  I entered it into one of the local Agricultural shows and actually won a ribbon!  I was beyond delighted.  Think in reality, they must have struggled to find a quilt to award a ribbon to.  LOL
Then there were a raft of baby quilts.  Here are two that appeared around 1997.  There are at least a dozen more quilts I've made for babies in several Australian states, and several overseas for which I have no photos.

In the middle 1980s and through to the early 1990s I was doing loads of cross stitch.  Here is one I loved doing.  It is an Amish pattern by Told in a Garden, and there is quite a range of them.  I just checked it out and you can still buy it.  I completed it in 1994 and it currently hangs in the little hallway outside my bedroom door.

I have always been a knitter, and made these little jobs for my cousin's 3 kids in 1996.  These are 3 of Jean Greenhowe designs.  Loved making them and have made quite a few more which are scattered around the world.

By the late-1990s I was feeling confident enough in my patchwork to begin creating my own designs.  This little wall hanging was for my friend's daughter when she turned 18.  I called it "Baringa"
And then I learnt to foundation piece, and designed this one.
In 1998 I did a Mystery Quilt class with Joy White at my then LQS, Country by Design, sadly now no longer.  This photo was taken before the top was complete - you can see a few of the pieces on the outer border aren't sewn down.

I really enjoyed the class - fun teacher, and a great group.  There was lots of applique and hand piecing in that too.
Then my grand daughters appeared, and I started making them quilts.  These are the crib quilts I made from my own design for my first two, in 2001 & 2003.

Now that I have started on collating all the photos, I realise that there are bits & pieces all over the house that I need to go and photograph!  Guess it will be a while before I finish off this job.
So that's a bit of a story about my quilting journey.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed scrabbling in my old photos. 
What do you think about a link up where we show our earliest quilt creations?   If there's any interest, I'll see if I can work out how to set up a link.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. very very cool. i started quilting in high school. the rest of the class worked on a pillow and FINISHED. I guess my quilt was the start of my UFO pattern LOL

  2. Loved seeing your quilting 'history' Dasha! It is fun to reminisce and the photos bring back so clearly what was happening in your life at the time don't they? Have fun sorting through the other items! Christine x

  3. Enjoyed your show today Dasha. I did alot of cross stitch in the 80's too, & 90's. Your Amish piece is really sweet. My post today is linked to Thowback Thursdays, a fun place to share Quilts from pre-blogging days.

  4. Very nice. I have learned a little bit more about Dasha and her passion, and that was fun! You come a long way baby! lol ;^)

  5. What fun, Dasha! I enjoyed hearing about your journey as a quilter/knitter/stitcher!

  6. It can be hard to find and document all the older projects; I struggle because I have gifted and given so many of mine away and did not photograph them at the time at all. I am glad you have photographs of your early work and hope you enjoy working to get them all digitized. And I love that you have photographs of your quilts being used by your grandchildren. :)

  7. Hi Dasha lots of beautiful work there,Thankyou for sharing xx

  8. That's a lot of Throwbacks! Do you have any left for 2016? Love all those babies snoozing away on your quilts. Too cute. Thanks for linking up with Throwback Thursday @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge!

  9. What a lovely collection Dasha and a range of skills. Lovely to hear about your needlework journey. xx


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