Sunday, 15 November 2015

When All Else Fails....

Start a new project!  LOL

With all the WIPs and UFOs in my cupboard and all over my cutting table, I was totally uninspired this week.  All I felt like was some mindless piecing.  So I reached for my baggie of 5" squares, which was obscenely full. Lime Green is the colour of the month for November in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge run by Angela, so to assuage the guilt I was feeling at not doing anything for that, I pulled a whole load of green 5" squares.  None of them are lime green, but what the heck, they are scraps.  It hasn't made a difference to the baggie!  LOL

In no time at all they were pieced into 4 patches.  Then I added some cream tone on tone fabric for sashing at Friday Quilters this week, and a few 3" cornerstones.  This is where I got to by Friday night.

I would have preferred it to be 4 x 4 layout, but if I had done that, the quilt would have been a bit big.  It is destined for Stitching Hearts, and we make our lap quilts a maximum of 48" wide.  This means we can get two quilts out of a single width of wadding, and minimise our wastage.
Choosing the border fabric.....

This is what I went with.....

I had just enough fabric to cut 5" strips for the green border - less than one 2" strip left over.  Whew!

All done and all made with fabrics from stash.  Ready to go with me on Thursday to Stitching Hearts for our meeting.  It will be the last working meeting for the year.
As it was still afternoon yesterday when I got that done, and there was some more sewing time, I reached for the squares I had prepped for my green Twinklers.  I went back to check what I had made earlier this year when we were doing green, and found that I had not followed instructions, and I had made a mixture of light and dark green and everything in between.  Here is the batch I made earlier this year.
First lot of green Twinklers made in May
This time I am doing the same so that hopefully I'll end up with enough of both light greens and darks.  I've got virtually no lime green at all, and as this is an exercise in using up scraps of what you do have, I'm not going to go out to buy any.  I got this lot half made before I had to leave off to make dinner last night.

Poor quality night time shot, but there you go.  Planning to finish them off, and the rest of the prepped Twinklers today after I have done this post.
Linking this up rather late to Angela's blog for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Time to go take a look at what others have pieced this week.
During the week I headed up to the library to take a look at an exhibition on the local ship building industry in the 19th Century put on by the Local History group.  Of course I came home with an armload of books.  I have been enjoying "A Quilters Holiday", one of the Elm Creek Quilters series.  Ages since I have read one of those and I am thoroughly enjoying it.  Have you read any of them?
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. I understand about the mindless sewing. I feel like that too sometimes. But I usually pick up hand sewing in those moments. For me it is mindless. Love what you did with your green scraps. The twinklers are so scrappy. ♥ it.

  2. Ah, Elm Creek Mysteries. Mindless reading - so relaxing and full of interesting quilt tie ins. Great job with the green scraps.

  3. Great work with your green scrappies....amazing how they never seem to get less lol!

  4. Yay for the humble 4 patch - your project looks great! And I love seeing all the different scrappy fabrics in your Twinklers.

  5. Congrats! on your newly completed Stitching Hearts quilt top. Better yet, it was ALL from your fabric stash!!

  6. Hi Dasha! For someone who was feeling uninspired you have done a great job with your quilt top and twinkler star blocks! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Christine x

  7. More lovely twinkler stars, and a green four patch quilt! You were certainly not short of green and have had a very productive couple of days!

  8. Every scrap used is progress, even little bits at a time will keep adding up. Pretty light and subtle greens this week.

  9. Your blocks turned out well and are a good size. The stars are so cute! Keep up the good work!

  10. ha ha Dasha, I start new thing when I shouldn't, so I'm glad to not be the only one!
    Great sewing there, your 'mindless piecing' has resulted in a great little quilt

  11. Good to do something mindless once in a while - I usually go for a kit so I haven't even got to choose colours! xx

  12. I have/had some of that green plaid in my stash too! (the one you pulled to border your little four patch top) You accomplished quite a lot for starting out uninspired. :- )

  13. Congratulations on a great finish. All from stash is a win. Great blocks, too.

  14. love your little green quilt and those sparklers are too darned cute!

  15. Hi Dasha your green quilt is gorgeous,how good to be able to dip into your stash,your star blocks will look fantastic Dasha xx


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