Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Melbourne Cup Lunch

The Central Coast Leagues Club Bridge Club organises a Melbourne Cup Lunch each year.  It is one of the highlights of the bridge world in our local area.  As usual, the organising committee outdid themselves.  The theme this year was yellow.

The event is held on the Parkview Room at the Leagues Club.  It was all decked out for us with fabulous decorations.  We start with a morning of bridge, then have a lovely meal provided by the Club.

Our table - yellow flowers, and table runner

The "bookies" running the sweeps.  Yellow daisies every where.

Matt was our Director for the bridge.  Behind us was the "lucky door" prize.  

We were encouraged to place a gold "penny" with our name on it into one of the baskets.  Each basket had the name of one of the horses in the race on it, and when the winning horse was known, the "pennies" in the basket had a share of some chockies.
Did you see the yellow nail polish I am wearing in the photo above?  Just in case you didn't, here it is in all its glory.
The yellow theme was carried through to a wonderful spread for morning tea.  Every item had yellow on, or in, it - yellow icing, yellow smarties etc. etc.

The empty plates are a testament to the yummies.
The room is not called the Parkview Room for nothing.  Today was a bleak, wet day, but even so the view is gorgeous, with the waterfront in the distance.

There was a really good turn out today. Here is the play area, with the lunch tables just visible at the rear.  You can also see that heaps of people got behind the theme and dressed in yellow at least in part.

Yellow personal scorers were provided for everyone, and we found some yellow pens we had from a previous congress to use.

Surprisingly, we won.
Lunch was delicious, and plenty of it.

After lunch we had a quiz with all the questions having either horsy or yellow answers.  Can you think of 5 yellow animated characters?  What about 5 songs that have yellow in the title?  Our table got too many answers wrong to win that one. 
Then it was time for the hat parade.

The prize taken out - by Me!  Yay!  And here is my prize - a pot of pretty daisies wrapped in yellow, tied with a yellow ribbon.  We don't have any like that in our garden.
The men had a parade as well.

Won by this dapper race goer.

Lastly we watched the race on a big projector.  The actual Melbourne Cup this year was won by Prince of Penzance, a complete outsider at 100 to 1.  And I won $12 in the sweep, because my horse Max Dynamite came in second.   My Dearly Beloved won second in the lucky door prize - a couple of free games.

Did we have fun?  You Bet!

Were we lucky?  I'll Say!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time Dasha! Christine x

  2. Looks like a fun time was had by all! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sounds like you had the best day, Dasha. When I worked before I left to have Mitchell, we always had to work Cup Day. One of the girls and I were in charge of a organising a chicken and champagne lunch. Even though we were at work we had the best time preparing the lunch. No typing was done by me those days!

  4. Hi Dasha ,wow what a fantastic day ,and well done winning the hat parade xx

  5. Yellow Mellow and Yellow Submarine are my only contributions I am afraid! Congratulations on your win - you looked great and the nail varnish was a brilliant touch. Great fun had by all I can imagine. xx


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