Friday, 16 October 2015

What's Been Going On.

Well for starters I have been away again.  Last weekend we drove to Muswellbrook to play in the Bridge Congress there.  (No we didn't win, but it was fun.)  How I love to travel and see new things and do different things!  But boy, does it muck up with your home life.

And I will be away again for 3 days next week. Bridge again - the Spring Nationals in Sydney.  Three days in a row, so we are staying down there.

At the start of this week I decided it was high time to open the mail and sort out what was on my desk.  I have been working on that pretty much all week on and off in between the neglected housework, but I have managed to squeeze in a bit of sewing.

First thing I want to show is this little panel I quilted up for a little newborn girl who has just come under care of Barnardos.  Here it is as it was before I started to sew down the binding.

I did an open meander on the panel and on the border, and stitched in the ditch around all the framing borders.
The backing is a sweet print which complements the panel.

It is the last of the quilts that Stitching Hearts has promised to Barnardos.  Next thing is that I'll have to go deliver the last batch we have made.
Last time I was in the UK, while clearing out my mother-in-law's apartment, my sister-in-law and I found the vest I had knitted for m-i-l about 8-9 years ago.  She wore it literally to death, and the knitting was unravelling everywhere.  My s-i-l asked if I would knit another.
The pattern came from this vintage book......

And was this one.....

Just peg out those glasses will you?  They are green with green glass.  I am embarrassed to say that I owned a pair like that - pink ones, with pink glass. 
I was stopped at traffic lights in Moscow with them on the dashboard, when a young fellow leaned into the window and offered me the princely sum of 50 roubles for them.  That, in 1970, was enough for us to live on for about a week, so I didn't think twice!  Bye bye glasses.
I did look for another pattern, but nothing else inspired me, so I am doing it again.  I have started the knitting.  At the rate my arthritic fingers allow me to knit, this project will still be around this time next year.  Hopefully my mother-in-law will be too. 

Today was an all day sewing day at Friday Quilters.  I worked on my Scrap Dance Mystery, which is no longer a mystery of course.  At the start of today I had all of the strips sets done (or so I thought), and 10 of the block A done (top left).  I had visions of getting the last 5 of block A finished and all of block B done (middle, top row).  And perhaps even starting to lay them out.

Well, as Barbara of Cat Patches said the other day, I was working at "slug speed".  I found that by some aberration, I had only made about a quarter of one of the strip sets.  So all I actually got done was the last of the 5 Block As and the 3 Block Bs you see here.  Oh well, better that than nothing I guess.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. love the baby quilt and the vest looks nice too. your scrap dance is very pretty- I opted for the easy one- 4 blocks

  2. Loved catching up with what you have been doing Dasha! I think I had some sun glasses like that too..... don't know what happened to them!! Have a lovely weekend and a great trip! Christine x

  3. Hi Dasha love the baby quilt and i love the colour of the vest you are knitting,hope you do well at the next lot of Bridge comps xx

  4. I will LOVE seeing your progress on that vest, no matter how slow. I love the length of it, and that's a pretty color yarn. The quilt for the baby is very sweet -- love the animals. Now, if you had a photo of yourself in those pink glasses, I wish you'd post it!!!


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