Friday, 2 October 2015

Scrap Dance Mystery Revealed

I have been participating in the Scrap Dance Mystery quilt that Carole has been running at From My Carolina Home.  She has been posting the clues to this monthly.  Thanks Carole, I have really enjoyed this one.
In August, we had a 3 week trip to the UK which sort of left me way out of time to do the last two steps.  And then the reveal was posted a day or two after our return.
I was a good girl!  I didn't peek at the reveal post until I had finished steps 5 & 6.  I got myself together and completed these two steps a week or so back.
This is step 5.
And this is step 6.

Here are all the pieced rows.  I made myself play with them to see if I could figure out the design before I looked.  I tried a number of different layouts, but I had to put my dunce cap on because I just couldn't figure it out. 

So then I allowed myself to check out the reveal post.  It was 2 blocks, which I had kind of worked out for myself.  This is block 1 ready to sew.

And this is block 2.

So I started to sew them up.  I began with block 1, and made up 10 of them.  Getting ready to iron them, I found this.

Ooops!  Quick flick of the unpicker (my favourite tool) and back to the sewing machine.  I fixed it.  Before the quilt was completed Carole.  LOL.  Carole did a wonderful post on how to fix a completed quilt here.
Here are my first 10 block 1s.  I am planning to make a few of the block 2s this weekend.  Its a long weekend here, so I have a bonus day.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Hello Dasha! Your quilt top is looking lovely! Looking forward to seeing the second blocks too! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  2. This is looking good. I love how scrappy comes together and doesn't look scrappy any more, but organic, and much more alive than if you had used only three or four highly controlled fabrics. Have a good weekend.

  3. I see you used my fav color of blue. LOL I did mine because of your double dog dare and made the 4 block table topper. just need to batt and back but it is for me so will have to wait a little.
    love it! thanks for "making me do it". LOL

  4. Oh it is lookin great! I had to use my ripper a bit too, but I should have my baby fimsy done tonight:-)

  5. Can't wait to see the finished layout Dasha - looking good so far. xx


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