Friday, 30 October 2015

Making a Fascinator

On the first Tuesday of November each year, our nation stops dead at 3pm and holds its breath.  Why?  The Race of the Year begins in Melbourne.  It's called The Melbourne Cup.  Goodness knows why we take it all so seriously, but  there are lunches held everywhere; workers stop to listen to the race; and in the streets of the Sydney CBD the traffic thins, and the pedestrians vanish.  Apart from the bazillions we spend at the TAB, anywhere where there is a group of people, as in offices etc., we hold sweeps, spot prizes, door prizes etc. etc. 

This year, as always, our local Bridge Club is holding a Melbourne Cup lunch.  It is one of the main events of the Bridge calendar in the bridge community.  The committee goes all out in decorations, and after a morning playing bridge, we have a feast prepared by the Leagues Club.  This year the theme is yellow.

I have had a bit of time to think about it and get prepared.  I have a pair of bright yellow cropped jeans; a yellow t-shirt I borrowed from my daughter; and some yellow nail polish I bought yesterday.  Time to make a fascinator.

I trawled the net for inspiration and found that almost all of them worked on the same principle, so off I went to Spotlight yesterday for my supplies.

From left: Blossoms by Vivaldi; white feather; Sinamay Ivory Leaves; Ostrich Feather Boa; cream felt.  I also pulled some fine yellow satin ribbon from stash, and a bar clip on which to fix it all. 
I played around with the design until I had worked out what I liked best.
This is using the feather and the ribbon.

I really wanted something blingy and a bit crazy, so I decided on the feather boa instead.

First step is to sew a couple of the Sinamay leaves to a strip of felt the same size as the bar clip.

Then the flowers were sewn on.  At this point I took it to the mirror.  Wrong move!  I should have done that first, because I realised that laid out the way I had it, the flowers would be facing forward, and really they should have been upright.
Unpick and start again.......

After adding the flowers, I just shoved the feather boa up behind the flowers and trailing down.  The idea being that they would cover the mess, and add the bling [forgot to photograph those steps :( ]  I tweaked the flowers a bit so that they sat forward a bit, and not upwards.
Then it was ready to glue the felt to the bar clip.  I used craft glue because my glue gun does not seem to get hot enough so the glue is not melted properly.

This morning I went to do a photograph, and found that I had glued the bar clip on back to front.  What a dope!  Now I shall have to slide it onto my hair, not front to back, but from the back of the head towards the front.  Oh well.  I'm not remaking it.  Here it is all done and dusted.
Melbourne Cup lunch here I come!
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Your fascinator looks lovely Dasha, even if it is back to front! Enjoy the Melbourne Cup! Christine x

  2. What fun! Do we get to see a picture of you in the entire ensemble? Hope you had a fun time!

  3. Hi Dasha I think it looks fantastic,well done,I love it xx

  4. We wouldn't have known of your mishap Dasha if you hadn't shared it with us! Well done, it looks wonderful... enjoy Cup day!

  5. Whichever way round, the fascinator looks just great!

  6. Just catching up here Dasha so looking good so far! xx


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