Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Diets and Babies

Last week I went to my Naturopath who suggested that I should try a sugar free diet (this is on top of the gluten free diet I have been on for a year and a half).  Well!!  Have you any idea how hard that is in today's society?  Absolutely every label you look at has sugar on it, and the diet also means no fruit or wine.  Sigh.... and then sigh again.  The fruit is what I miss most, but at least there is a glimmer of hope as she has said I will probably be able to introduce a bit of fruit in 6 weeks or so.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I checked the wonderful Net for ideas for some GF and SF ideas.  I found a great recipe for Granola at The Healthy Chef which I made up on Saturday. 

I have never made my own muesli or granola, mostly because it seemed like it was too much hard work when you can just snatch a box off a shelf at Coles.  But it was dead easy and absolutely yummy.  A few cranberries are OK and a bit of honey is too, so I added those.  I also add roasted almonds to the bowl when I serve.  I thought they may not keep crisp if I added them to the mix while storing as they may soften with the honey.  Could experiment with those I guess.
I have started a Pinterest board here if anyone is interested, and would love any suggestions for deserts and snacks as they have been the hardest to part with.  I used to grab a bit of fruit when I felt the munchies coming on, and that is a no no at the moment.
Last week I went to the Stitching Hearts meeting, and while there I had a call from Barnardos and discovered that there are 3 little newborn girls - including a pair of twins, who have come under their care. 
Jill had brought two sweet little quilts in.  I took Jill's them both and have appliqued the name on this one already.

and am working on this one.

The photos have dulled the colours a bit, which is a shame because they are very sweet.  They are similar but not identical, so that will be perfect for the twins.  I also brought home a sweet little panel to make a quilt for the third little girl.  I'm going downstairs to make a start on that as soon as I finish this post.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Good for you making your own muesli! At least you can see the end of the sugar-free tunnel, if the diet will ease up a bit after a couple of months. Love those quilts for the twins, and good luck making something of the panel.

  2. Your muesli looks scrummy! I hope you find some other sugar free ideas.... it is not easy in today's world! Love those pretty little quilts! Christine x

  3. I too have a sweet tooth and would find that very hard to be on a sugar-free diet. I feel for you, dear Dasha. I've bookmarked that link to the Healthy Chef, gotta try some of those recipes today. Thanks and good luck. xox ;^)

  4. I made my first-ever batch of granola this weekend & baked my chopped raw almonds right in with the batch, along with flax seed. They crisped up just right, but I did use some olive oil in my recipe. I have been making my own probiotic yogurt lately, to avoid the sugars, & figured homemade granola would go well with it. And it tops oatmeal well too:-)

  5. That diet sounds tough! I always make my own crunchy granola with seeds and flaked almonds which works well. Those quilts are cute - the girls will love them. Such a nice idea. xx

  6. Sugar free seems pretty challenging. I hope you get all sorts of yummy suggestions for good eats! The quilts are sweet, and so are you (even without sugar!) for your part in their making. Bless your heart!


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