Friday, 11 September 2015

Trifid Update

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the Triffid in our garden here.

The flower stem grew for the first time out of the succulent which I have had for about 7 years.  There is a matching succulent in the pot on the opposite side of steps up to the barbeque area.

I had been watching the Triffid growing for weeks, and was getting totally cross because I was sure it would flower while we were away.

But it hasn't!

Isn't it stunning???
Each day there are a few more flowers open up.  I suspect that it will keep me entertained for a few weeks yet.


  1. What an amazing flower head! It certainly has enough as yet unopened buds to go on for weeks.

  2. Wow! It's beautiful Dasha. So glad it waited for you to get home. xx

  3. That's wonderful and clearly it as waiting for your return!

  4. OMG that looks amazing Dasha... great pics... love the Triffid name, what a green thumb you are!

  5. Wow!!!!! That's quite an impressive plant! If it were at my house, I'd get up every morning just to go see what it was doing, and check on it all day :) It's lovely and so unusual. Isn't it exciting that it's bloomed after 7 years? Is that its natural cycle, I wonder?


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