Thursday, 17 September 2015

Second Deadline - Done on Time!

This morning we are leaving to fly to Melbourne.  We have been invited to a naming ceremony for the baby of a good friend of mine.  Well, at the 11th hour it is done!
Way back at the beginning of the year, I decided to visit the baby after its birth and make a quilt for the occasion.  I chose to make the quilt using the Road to Tennessee block, which is one of the blocks I made for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge in 2014.  I have also seen this pattern on the Net titled "XO" and "Hugs and Kisses".  Whatever the name, I think it is a lovely block and makes up into a nice quilt.  I have mentioned it in several blog posts, so you may recognise it.

With our trip to the UK happening in April, I gave up on the idea of going to Melbourne as well, and of course the quilt got sidelined by other more urgent tasks.  I attacked it occasionally and by the time we got back from our second trip early this month, I had begun to quilt it, but had not got much done.  So the race was on.

I quilted it in the ditch in pink to outline all the X's and then marked each of the pink pieces in the centre with my Frixion pen.  Then I FMQ'd it in a tear drop shape using the markings to point and shoot.  At first glance it looks OK, although there are an awful lot of Whoopsies in it.  I didn't have time to pull them and redo them.

Lots of cute fabrics in this which I tried to fussy cut as much as possible.

Bunnies & chooks here.

I had intentions of quilting a simple design down the borders, but in the end I chose to be easy on myself and let it go. 
I had bought a pink spot for the backing, but of course I hadn't bought enough! So I put in a panel of pink check fabric which looks OK with the spots and which I had in stash.  Then I made up a label in a Snowball shape to echo the Road to Tennessee block.  The binding is a sweet stripe which was printed on the diagonal so I didn't even have to do the binding on a bias.  Yay! 

So now my quilt is packed and ready to go.

Also this week, I have finished off this quilt......

One of the ladies at Friday Quilters in in the throes of a torrid time.  The girls decided to make a quilt for her while I was away, and had done most of the sewing by the time I got back, so my input on this has been minimal.  I took it home last Friday to applique the little dragon flies onto it and make the backing.

It will be quilted by our friend Robin on her long arm.  The pattern was "Dancing with Dragon Flies" by Busy Thimbles and is designed to use 5" charm squares.  It was really quick to put together.
Gotta go.  Planes don't wait!
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Greaaaaat job Dasha! Love the tear drop quilting on the Road to Tennessee.

  2. Beautiful little Tennessee quilt Dasha - hope you enjoy the ceremony and have a great trip. xx

  3. Both beautiful quilts Dasha! The quilting on the baby quilt looks perfect in the photos... do not point out the 'whoopsies' no one will notice!! Have a great trip to Melbourne! :) x

  4. Hi Dasha wow both the quilts are fantastic,safe travels to Melb and what a beautiful gift you have made for them xx

  5. Sometimes its good to have a deadline, that really pushes you to get things done... gorgeous quilts and I'm sure they are going to be appreciated. Enjoy your trip, lets hope its nothing like your last one LOL

  6. Your baby quilts are so pretty.

  7. Your machine quilting looks just fine to me, and I'm sure the baby will love it no matter what! I practice my machine quilting on the grand childrens quilts, but if a quilt is for a show or its very large ( which most of mine are ) I tend to pay for the MQ.

  8. That is a darling baby quilt. I love how you quilted it. A great idea. THe other quilt is wonderful, too. It will be such a comforting gift.

  9. LOOK at what all you have done! I'm amazed. They are both gorgeous. That pink quilt has such beautiful texture -- it's all that stitching. I didn't notice a single Whoopsie! :) Lucky little baby girl.


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