Monday, 7 September 2015


This morning I was up fairly early (jetlag still making its presence felt), and after putting on a load of washing I decided to make a fruit cake.  I pulled out my trusty recipe notebook.

It has been around for decades.  When my daughter was about 12, she covered it for me in this cute kitchen paper.  I used to write all the recipes I collected from various people into it, so I have heaps of recipes with titles like "Fiona's Raspberry Slice" or "Michelle's Jam Drops". 

It is chocka block now and no more room in it for anything, so now the recipes are shoved in on bits of paper.  I also have an on-line document to which I add various recipes I use.
More often than not, using one of the recipes sends me off into a day dream about the person who gave it to me.  Today I was making a fruit cake, the recipe for which was given to me by my neighbour Margaret, which is absolutely yum and a staple in this household.  These days I make it with Gluten Free Flour, which does not seem to affect the quality at all.
Our first house was this little job. 

It was a tiny, weatherboard house in Forestville, a northern suburb of Sydney, which was quite out of the way in those days, but a highly desirable area now.  We moved there when my daughter was about 6 months old.

It was a bit of a hard time for me back then.  Most of my friends were working and there was no such thing as a Mother's Group in those days, so I was pretty isolated and lonely, and absolutely terrified of doing the wrong thing for my precious little bundle.   Not long after we moved into that house, I met the woman across the road, Margaret, and a friend of hers whose name escapes me.  They both had school age children, so most mornings the three of us would meet in one house or another, eat baked goodies and watch "Days of Our Lives" together.  I think they saved my sanity.  LOL.  And gave me lots of recipes as well.
We had a torrid trip home last week.  It began with a 3 hour delay on the tarmac at Dubai in the wee small hours of Sunday morning, then a diversion to Perth airport in the wee small hours of Monday morning.  Nearly 500 passengers milling about waiting to be bussed to hotels at 2am, and then only a few hours later, hours and hours of queuing to board on the repaired plane, the delay being caused by computer check in issues.
The National press were there. 

I was astounded to see that it was reported as an "Emergency Landing", which when you think about it, it probably was.  It is not a decision to be taken lightly - breaking the Perth curfew, then landing and accommodating 500 people at 2am.  No mean feat to find that many rooms at that hour of the night.
We finally boarded again at 4pm, but sat for several hours prior to take off, only to be told that we had to disembark and that we would be sent to Sydney via domestic flights.  Several more hours queuing to be allocated seats on various flights.  We were the lucky ones to be sent on the direct flight leaving at midnight.  A lot of the passengers were diverted via Brisbane and Melbourne. 

The offending plane
We finally arrived home 24 hours after the scheduled time. 

This trip has been hard on me, and I am only just beginning to surface from the jetlag.  I have only just managed to do the things which absolutely had to be done, and virtually no sewing.  So now you know why I have been so quiet for the last week or so.


  1. Hi Dasha oh my you have been through a lot,you probably don't want to fly again for awhile. I loved the little story about your cooking book and your neighbour xx

  2. Poor you! Travelling is tiring anyway, but it's awful when fate conspires against you, and makes you even tire der still. Keep your sewing door shut for a while, and rest properly, otherwise you'll only be sewing the wrong sides together.

  3. I enjoyed hearing your "reminisces" - your recipe notebook must be a trip down memory lane every time you cook! Just curious about your fruit cake - in the US fruitcake is a heavy, dense cake filled with dried, candied fruit and nuts, often soaked with whiskey. It's only seen around Christmastime and is often the brunt of jokes as many varieties are dry and tasteless. Your fruitcake doesn't sound like the same thing!?

  4. I'm so sorry, Dasha. That sounds wretched. Makes me never want to fly again! I do not like to fly. It's been several years. Well, I'm glad you are home, and I hope you are able to recover fully soon and be back to your usual activities you love.

  5. I just love my recipe book with all the old tried and true recipes from family and friends. Each time you use it, you can remember those times in your life - great memories. Glad you arrived safe and sound, now you just need to recover and get back into the swing of things.

  6. What a shame your trip was spoilt by a bad ending! Sounds horrendous. Lovely to be baking a cake from your friends recipe after all these years and such great memories. xx


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