Monday, 14 September 2015

I've Met a Deadline. Whew!

I've had a project on the go since just before we went away, and I really wanted to get the top done so that it could go to Stitching Hearts on Thursday with Jan for pinning. 

But.  I need to back track.

This is a quilt for a little boy at Barnardos, the latest Stitching Hearts project.  And incidentally the last one that needed making.  I started off with a skateboard themed panel my daughter had bought on-line, and began to build a quilt around it. 

But straight away, I found a problem.....

A hole!  We conferred.  But in the end we decided it would take too long to return it to the shop for a replacement, so I chopped that part of the panel up into smaller pieces - you can see part of it on the right in the photo below. 
Once I had cut the panel, I laid out all the pieces of fabric I was planning to use on the floor in roughly the size and placement I wanted.

But what to use as sashing?  In the end I chose a burnt orange.  It seemed to go with everything.  And I appliqued the boy's name, which is where the fuzzed out bit is.

It grew, with the help of copious notes and my trusty calculator.

I deliberately had the sashing off centre and the pieces an irregular size.  Apart from anything else, I thought it gave the layout a bit of added interest.  But it certainly added to the headache!  Of course I kept changing my mind about the placement of the fabrics. 
And finally the top is done.

I really like the orange.  It is a colour I absolutely never use, although I have made some blocks for the RSC in orange, they aren't made up into a quilt yet.
There are some fun fabrics in this.

Trail bikes, beetles, spaceships & aliens and skeletons.

Snails, grasshoppers and lizards, Transformers, and soccer balls.

Quad bikes, spider webs and red back spiders (for people not familiar with those, they are a venomous spider in Australia and can give you a nasty, but usually not fatal, bite)

I really like what I have done with this quilt, and I hope that my little recipient likes it too.  Wish those photos weren't blurry though!  I must say I am way better at sewing than photography.  LOL

I am linking this post up with Cathy's new link up Design Board Monday at her blog, Bits & Bobs.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. It is a 'real' boy quilt Dasha....and I love the orange, it is perfect! You have some terrific fabrics there and I really love the looks like they are racing around the fabric!! Thank you so much for joining me for my party!

  2. Hey, that turned out really nice! Love the burnt orange for it. ( I clicked through from Cath's linky - hello there!) :)

  3. It is looking so good! I'm sure it will be loved.

  4. Great job. Love how it turned out all because of a hole. The orange is a very good choice. Love it.

  5. your top looks wonderful, what a great selection of fabrics!

  6. Brilliant! I love this and I know that little boy will love it too!

  7. I am not an "orange person" but I like it. and the little boy will love it! a very cool quilt for sure

  8. Oh Dasha what a beautiful and well designed quilt. I am sure the little boy will cherish it and spend hours looking at all the pictures of 'boy' things. You are to be congratulated for your kind donation to such a worthy cause. xxx


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