Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Time Travelling

Today is the 5th of August.  What do you mean August?  Last time I looked it was April.  Oh well.  That's how it feels anyway.  Anyone else feel that the year has flown by so swiftly that you haven't had time to blink.

I thought I'd show you my latest creation.

This is an "I Spy" style of quilt for a little boy of 4 under foster care with Barnardos.  Our latest project at Stitching Hearts is to supply the local Barnardos branch with a quilt for each child under their care.
I have personalised this one with the little boy's name (blanked out for privacy)
The centre panel is a jungle scene with dinasaurs, and around it are squares of fun fabrics, sashed in two shades of grey/green.
Spider Man, horses, apples, birds, musical instruments, soccer balls & a bunch of trolls and gargoyles, in the pic above.  I scored a great alphabet fabric from Spotlight yesterday for $4 a meter which I will use for backing.  This one will go with me to Stitching Hearts tomorrow to be pinned.
I am making a similar quilt at the moment which is all in pieces on my workroom floor.  This will be for a boy who is 3.5, and it has a feature panel with Bob the Builder on it.  I'll show you that next time.
Last time I went to Stitching Hearts I brought home 5 quilts for Barnardos.  I have been appliqueing the children's names on them to personalise them.  I am doing it by hand as they are already quilted.  Its so difficult to keep the applique stitches from showing on the reverse, and the bulk of the quilt makes it difficult to grasp.  But they look good!
I've told you before that I go to Sydney every fortnight on a Tuesday to do research in the Mitchell Library.  Well for the last few weeks the Library has had this World Atlas on display.

It is called "Earth Platinum" and is the largest book of its kind ever published.   Conceived in Sydney, printed in Italy and bound in Hong Kong.  Don't think there's room for it on my bookshelf LOL.
Have you looked at Google this morning?  There is a cute animated gizmo on it celebrating the 151th anniversary of the first traffic light.  It reminded me of a battery operated toy traffic light that my father made for me when I was about 4 or 5.  I haven't thought of that toy for years!  Sadly I no longer have it, and don't have a photo either.
Did your father ever make toy(s) for you?
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. the book is amazing........what do you research while at the library...........

  2. What a colourful quilt for a wonderful project. One little boy will love it...xox

  3. Thats a lovely giving idea to donate your time for the children - I am sure they will remember your quilts as they grow up. I remember a quilt that my grandmother gave me when I first arrived from England many many years ago, quilts have a remarkable memory attached to them.

  4. Hello Dasha! That is a lovely quilt and lots of thought has gone into it! The atlas looks amazing! My year seems to be flashing past too.... better get some more projects finished before it is all over!! LOL :) x

  5. yes my Dad made us some wooden stilts and we thought we were the cats meow. LOL we would step up on the steps to get on them then walk around. they were not that high only as a kid we thought they were LOL love your quilt- I succumbed to the mystery table topper size.........enabler! hee hee

  6. Fun quilt idea - the little guy will enjoy looking at it as well as snuggling under it. Oh...That's quite a book! I think I'd enjoy turning a page or two, but wouldn't want to lift it onto a shelf. ;-) Well, my dad did make a kite with my brother once, and he supplied all the wood scraps and nails we desired. My brother and I would make boats, with nails and string for the railings. I'm surprised they could float with all those nails in them! We'd hammer and play for hours.

  7. What a huge book!! Or are you really extremely small lol
    My dad made me a dolls house sometime in the early 1950s, so wish I had it now!
    All I c an recall is that the plans were in a well known DIY mag of the time.
    I decided at about 12 that I didn't really need it and some other toys. We were moving so I guess we were decluttering and I got it into my head that a nearby nun run childrens home, might like my no longer needed toys, it being Christmas time.
    All were in excellent condition, esp the dolls house.
    I will never forget being utterly crest fallen when dad and I took the toys in boxes to the orphanage and a quite hard faced nun opened the door, listened to us, accepted the boxes, said thank you and shut the door in our face!
    Not a smile crossed her lips and I was tearful all the way home!
    Dad was really cross I can recall that too lol
    Right off to look at the Google page !

  8. Well ... the only thing I remember my daddy making for us was paddles for spanking us :) He didn't make toys. He is a wonderful father, but no -- no toys!!
    I'm thrilled that you are making these blankets for these foster children. What hard life they have right from the beginning, seeing all the other children with parents and homes, and they already have neither. I know your blankets will help heal their hearts.

    That atlas is amazing!! I wish I could see it. I somehow don't recall your research work in Sydney. I would love to spend regular time in a quiet library doing something like that. Can you tell me what you are researching? Is it about quilting, or some other topic?


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