Saturday, 8 August 2015

Not a Scrap of Indigo in Sight

But I haven't been slack.  In fact my sewing machine has been beetling along at a great rate.

I've made not one.....

but two quilt tops this week.....
Not much Indigo in these two, but there are a few bits of blue, such as this.

Isn't it cute fabric?
Both quilts are headed to Barnados, one of the projects we are working on at Stitching Hearts.

I also made a library bag for my daughter's foster son.

The two quilt tops and this bag have been personalised with the child's name which I have fuzzed out for privacy.  The fabric on the bag is a print of leaf litter with all sorts of lizards and crickets and snails on it.  Perfect for the little man, who adores all that sort of stuff.  The grin on his face was my reward.  I asked him if he minded me taking his photo, and he very graciously stood still for a nano second while I took it.  LOL  
I also finished up the batch of draw string bags I have been making for the Samaritans Operation Christmas Child program.  The Samaritans distribute shoe box sized boxes to be filled with goodies and which are then distributed to third world countries.  This is what 77 bags looks like.....

Besides these, I gave 4 to my daughter for each of her 4 children and kept 2 for myself.  Total = 83.  All of the fabrics had been donated to me for the charity quilts I make, and I'd probably never use them in a pink fit, so I was glad to get them made up into something useful instead of tossing them.  I think that will do me for this year.
And this morning I started on a skirt for myself.

Its an old pattern I have used before, and I love the way the skirt sits on me.  I've had the fabric for a few years too.  So I'm pleased as punch that its getting done.  But..... there's not a smidge of indigo there either.
Lastly, I'd like to show you a Triffid that has grown out of the centre of this cactus. 

Isn't it awesome?  We have had the cactus in that tub for at least 7 years, and its the first time it has grown one of these flower stalks. I am quite interested to see the flowers when they emerge, but sadly, I think it will be while we are away.

I'm linking up with Angela's Rainbow Scrap Challenge link party even though there isn't anything here which fits the indigo bill.  Hope she doesn't mind.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. You have plenty of blue there, and indigos can be light also. Where did you ever get so many cute kid blocks? I also do kid quilts for Project Linus and I wish I had your scrap pile. Also, can you tell me how to get info about making those bags for Samaritan? It is something I could easily do. I have a friend who has been filling those shoe boxes for years, but the bags are a more doable project for me. Thanks for all your good stuff.

  2. I just realized from the time listed on my post above, that at 1 am here in Wisconsin it is 4 pm where you are, more than half a day ahead of me! That is so hard to grasp, but so exciting to have friends like you now and others in New Zealand to chat with at any time. I tend to be a night owl these days, so I may find you on more often. Love RSC15, and Angela, who got me started in blogging.

  3. lots of busy stitching............
    now your plant is a succulent..........I have some like that but I've never seen a flower.......lots of those succulents are tiny gorgeous flowers making up bigger flowers......

  4. Wow Dasha! You have been a busy girl! I'd be interested to see the cactus flower too.... don't forget to post a photo! :) x

  5. Angela said that we could also use black this month if we didn't have indigo, so your very pretty squares with the teal owls on black certainly count. Lots of fun stuff coming out of your sewing room.

  6. Well, you've certainly been keeping busy! All your sewing is impressive, and that skirt will be perfect. (Gotta love a skirt with pockets!)
    If you miss your plant flowering, can you get someone to take a picture or two for you? It would be a shame to miss something so spectacular...

  7. Wowsers, you've been very busy! Those string bags are a super idea. Bet the kids love them!

  8. You REALLY had a busy week!! 83 draw string bags AND 2 quilt tops, PLUS even more projects?? You are sewing like a super hero!!

  9. WOW -- lots of stitching accomplishments this week!

  10. You go, girl! What a lot of awesome projects!

  11. Love those quilts! The little drawstring bags are so cute. Like you, I hesitate to use a lot of pink in donated items. I have done shoe boxes in the past, but not in recent years. When I remember, it's in December which is too late. Thank you for the early heads up.

  12. I'm glad you're making yourself a skirt too -- that should be a quick, easy project compared to the other things you do! The Bob-the-Builder quilt is adorable. Love your cactus bloom! I wish we could get a pic of it at its full glory.

  13. What lovely and generous progress you have made this week!

  14. Gosh you have been busy! Lots of lovely things especially for the little boy. xx


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