Saturday, 29 August 2015

Log Delivery & Stash Building

We had a bit of excitement the other day.  A huge truck arrived with a load of firewood for the residents of this community.  There was a crane on the back of the truck to remove the logs.
It was actually a truck plus a trailer, full to the brim.

It was quite a spectacle watching the crane manoeuvre the logs from the back of the truck to the ever growing pile, and quite a few people braved the drizzle to watch.

The crane driver was very adept at picking up a bunch of logs and moving them onto the pile, and I only saw him drop one.

I watched for a little while, but was getting wet, so I waited until yesterday morning to go out to see how big the pile was. 

They will schedule a working bee to saw it all up and transfer to the wood shed.
On Tuesday morning my sister-in-law had to go into work for a meeting so I cadged a ride to Hereford to do some shopping.  Last time I was here I stumbled upon a shop called Doughty's in Capuchin Yard, and which also has a huge selection of fabrics on line.
I selected a few "boy" novelty prints, since I don't have any in stash.

Left to right they are dogs, sea horses & crabs, bicycles, aliens and space ships, robots, frogs, and the last one is nave with tiny white anchors.  There's enough there for an interesting boy quilt.

We fly home tomorrow.  Not looking forward to the flight but so looking forward to seeing my home, my family and Tibby too, and my sewing machine!  I have been itching to sew for days now.  What a case!  LOL

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. thats a lot of logs! love the stash lineup. the dogs and bikes are adorable

  2. Hi Dasha lots of logs there,interesting how they move them,safe travels home my friend and love your new fabrics xx

  3. I suspect they will need everyone of those logs for winter. A long flight ahead of you but you bring back thats always a good thing.

  4. You had a long stay in England. I'm impressed with that log delivery.. We have nothing like that here. It will take more work to make those logs usable in a fireplace, but still, it's a huge help. Safe travels home!


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