Sunday, 23 August 2015

Holiday Crafting

When I go away somewhere the first thing I pack is my craft!  This trip, I brought the little cardi I have been completing for my daughter's little foster son.  It began as one of my daughter's projects, but with 5 kids now she has little time.

I am pleased to say it is finished.

Thank you to everyone who left me comments regarding the front bands.  Especially to Marly who blogs here at Marly's Quilts, who went to the trouble of making a sample piece and making up a tutorial complete with photos for me. 
In the end, having tried and unpicked at least 3 attempts, and various methods, I ended up just knitting up the stitches and sewing the band on, joining it up at the back.  I have some cute little duck buttons at home which I will sew on when I get back.
Last night I started to put together some little hexagon coasters which I intend to give as small Christmas gifts.  I had paired up the fabrics and cut the hexies at home, so its a bit of a snack.  Not sure I brought enough to occupy me for another week though.
Our Nephew saw me prepping them, and when I offered him a set, he seemed very keen.  So here is his set.  3 done, one to go.

And set number 2 ready to sew.  I fussy cut the Christmas motifs for this set.

The trouble with taking photos in a room where there is a large sky light is that there are shadows which ever way you turn.  Nice bright room, but the shadows show up in every photo.
Yesterday the family turned up for lunch, and after a sumptuous roast, we decided to take a walk out through the fields to the river Frome.  This is what greeted us on the way back, quite a long way from home...

The rain hit cold, fast and furious, with a vicious wind and thunder & lightning to boot. No place to shelter in fields, so we all got drenched to the bone, and I think I must have added at least 2 kilos of mud to each of my shoes.  But at least I didn't fall flat on my face in it.  LOL

I also wanted to show you a cute bunch of buttons I picked up at a little shopping village called the Hop Pocket in Bromyard the other day.  Set in the midst of fields, and I think in converted barns, there's a myriad of shops.  

I could well have spent a delicious hour or two (and a pile of pounds too) if the Dearly Beloved had not been running a marathon race ahead of me through the shops!  I think he was thinking of his credit card.  LOL. 

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Hi Dasha oh I am so glad you were able to finish the little cardi it's very cute and the coasters will make great gifts,I am like you. And the first thing I pack is the stitching and knitting,lol . Oh dear what a nasty storm you got caught in,I am glad too that you didn't fall flat on your face.xx

  2. Lovely to see your finished cardi, I'm sure your ducky buttons will finish it off perfectly. Very practical and pretty coasters looks like an easy pattern too and what gorgeous buttons. Its great to go on holidays and just browse and maybe spend a little (or a lot haha)

  3. Nice work on the cardi Dasha - the front bands look just fine. Those buttons are very covetable! xx

  4. love the cardi and duckie buttons will be so cute. I too bring along projects whereever I go. one year I completed 39 scarves! hubs was at the dr a lot that year.
    those storm clouds look scary. glad you didnt fall

  5. Yes that's about right for the British Summer lol great finish on the cardi there and love the coasters!

  6. You did a lovely job on that cute sweater, and Marly is a true blogging friend to help so much! It looks good. And those Christmas coasters are delightful! I'm assuming you are still in England as you write this. Hope your trip is fun!


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