Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Scrap Dance Mystery Update

A few weeks ago I succumbed and joined into the Scrap Dance Mystery QAL that Carole is running at My Carolina Home.  At the time I joined in, I had to play catch up because I was rather late starting it.

I have decided to use greens, greys and blues in this. 

Step 1 was to cut all the pieces and make the Half Square Triangle units. 

Step 2 was to piece one of the strips which form part of the block.  There must be 5 rows for each block as each strip is 5 squares across. 
My quilt will have 30 blocks, so this is 3 piles with 10 strips in each.
Step 3 & Step 4 were two more strip sets.
Step 5 has just been released and although I have still to do it, technically I am all caught up.
Here are my strip sets.

So how are they going to go together??  Not like this I don't think.

This is a possibility for two of the strip sets, but it leaves the bottom lot completely out of the picture.  Besides, I am certain that none of the strip sets are repeated, and this setting needs these two strips to be repeated.

I am really enjoying the puzzle of this mystery, so will just have to be patient for another couple of months.  And I'm not known for my patience LOL.
With all the bazillion UFOs in my cupboard, I was at my daughter's the other day, and picked up this little fellow to finish off for her.
She bought three different animal kits for her girls to do about 5 years ago, but they were really too hard for the girls, even for the eldest who would have been 9 or so then.  My daughter had worked on it, so all I needed to do was make the two ears, the tail and one leg.  And construct it.  Guess one day the other two will find their way here!
I also picked up a little cardi she started for her little foster baby.  I'll share the progress on that next time.
Meanwhile, here is an update on Miss12's sewing.  She has come to Friday Quilters two weeks in a row (I told you about her first Friday here), and then again last Sunday for an hour or so.  And the quilt top is finished!  She has done an absolutely brilliant job of it.

It will be a donation to the latest Stitching Hearts project, which is Barnardos.  That blob in the centre is the child's name, which I have fuzzed out for privacy reasons.  I will be taking that top down to Stitching Hearts tomorrow for pinning.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. Hello Dasha! You are making great progress on your quilt and I love that cute little guy that you finished off for your daughter. Wow, Miss 12's quilt is fabulous! She should be very proud of herself! :) x

  2. Wow lovely blocks Dasha and boy Miss 12 has done an amazing job of her quilt,well done to her ,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  3. Dasha, Miss 12s quilt looks amazing, she is clearly a person with a big heart, to be sewing so beautifully for someone less fortunate. I hope she will make a quilt for herself sometime & enjoy the benefits of her skills

  4. He certainly is a cute little guy, Dasha. Miss 12 has done a wonderful job on her quilt.

  5. I always like seeing your 2 colour blocks............

  6. Well however your mystery turnsw out, I love the fabrics and colours. Congrats to Miss 12, a great finish. xx

  7. You have been busy with the catch up blocks cant wait to see how they go together - I love a good mystery. Miss 12 is certainly on the way to becoming a serious quilter - beautiful job but then she had a great teacher didnt she :)

  8. love that mystery quilt and Miss 12 did a fabulous job on that quilt! congrats!

  9. You are doing great with your Scrap Dance, thank you for quilting along!! Love your color choices. Glad you are enjoying it! Thanks for posting about the Scrap Dance Quilt Along!! Come post your pics on the Flickr group too.


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