Monday, 6 July 2015

School Holiday Sewing

and other stuff.......

This last week has been the first week of the Winter School Holidays here.  So on Friday, Miss12 (my middle grand daughter) came along to Friday Quilters with me. 

Earlier in the week she had come by because she wanted to make a cushion for her bedroom, which is done and dusted now.  On Friday she made a second one to match.  I forgot to take a photo of it.  Sorry :(  You can just make out the fabric she used behind the machine.

I suspected that as this was the second one she had made it wouldn't take her long.  So I took along some squares that Colleen had fortuitously brought into Stitching Hearts the previous day as a donation (thank you Colleen!!).  They are there on the right of the machine.  Aren't they cute?
So Miss 12 sewed, and I pressed and then cut some white fabric for sashing.  And there were some character building exercises as well......

I did give her the option of leaving it, or redoing, and bless her, she chose to unpick and resew!

Also at Friday Quilters was Mr. Z, Fiona's youngest.  Here is his quilt.

He started it last School Holidays and brought it in on Friday to put borders on, and to pin for quilting.  Awesome!  I think this is his third quilt.  Fiona has been bringing him along in the holidays since he was about 5 or 6 and he is now extremely competent on the sewing machine.
Miss12 has now made up 12 Rainbow squares, enough for a single bed quilt laid out 3 x 4, although not all of them have had all the white sashing added, so we'll do that next week perhaps. We have been discussing donating quilts to Barnados at Stitching Hearts, and Miss12 is very keen to complete this to give to them.
This is where I had planned to go with that.

But yesterday afternoon, as I laid it all out to photograph, my daughter and the rest of her family arrived on a surprise drop in visit.  They ganged up on me and I was howled down on all sides.  Digging around in my stash I found this which met with everyone's approval, but it means I shall have to go to Spotlight to buy some more as there isn't nearly enough there to sash the whole quilt.

Yesterday afternoon, after the tribe left I set to and finished the second of the 4 quillos I have planned to make.  This one has been on the go for a few weeks, but I have been too busy to get it done. 

It is a cute cowboy print and is destined for a 7 year old boy, although he might be 10 by the time all 4 are finished!

And here it is all folded, ready for wrapping.

And I can finally show you my little tribe of chook pin cushions.  I made these a while ago, but have only delivered the last one recently, so now I can show them to you.

Far left is now in my box of gifts; middle one was for Joan and the one on the right is for Joanne.  I gave one to my daughter as well, but it didn't make it into the photo.
Tibby spent the afternoon yesterday keeping me company.  Well until the tribe arrived, anyway, then she scarpered at the speed of light.
This week will not be as busy as last week, so I have plans for a lot of relaxing and a lot of sewing, some of which will be with the kids.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. It's wonderful your granddaughter is so keen on sewing, and your friend's son as well. I like Miss 12's donation quilt and I agree with the tribe: the plain blue sashing looks better!

  2. Hi Dasha,it is so good that miss 12 has an interest in sewing,she sure did well,love all your projects,you are always so busy xx

  3. What fun to see a new generation of quilters learning their craft!

  4. Hello Dasha! It is lovely to see a younger generation all busy creating such beautiful quilts! Well done to your grand-daughter! Love your chooks too! :) x

  5. Hello Dasha,

    Oh I love how your Grandaughter is taking after you, even better she understands sometimes it is so much better if you unpick. Lovely bright fabrics for her to work on as well. Enjoy these family sewing days.

    Happy days.

  6. how wonderful that your Grandies are sewing, Dasha! Their work looks wonderful.
    Love your chooks, lovely fabrics

  7. So lovely to spend time with the youngsters and to have a lad there too! Brilliant, good on him!
    I prefer the blue background too LOL

  8. That's just too much cuteness! And aren't you proud of the young people -- I don't think I've ever known a young man to be a quilter, and that's wonderful that he is. Her squares look very nice. When you said "character building exercises" I KNEW you must mean picking out :) Oh dear. Good for her!


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