Sunday, 19 July 2015

Any Knitters Out There? I Need Help.

If you read my last post, you will know that I picked up 2 projects that needed finishing from my daughter last week.  I have finished the first, and delivered it.  The second of these is a little cardigan for her 9 month old foster son.  She had completed the back.

And the band for one of the front pieces.  I am now almost finished the second front piece.

I had knitted up to decreasing for the armhole, when I realised that I had made another right front piece.  So I had to pull it undone to the end of the band and start again to make it a left front piece.  Boo Hiss.
Here is what I need help with.  My daughter's grand mother used to have a tricky way of making the front and neck band as she knitted the left and right front pieces.  My daughter had therefore cast on the stitches required for the band as well as for the right front as she started to knit it. 
But neither of us has any idea how Vi used to do this.  So all I have done is put the extra stitches onto a pin for later, and I thought I would simply knit that up when the fronts are finished.
How I wish I had asked Vi how she did that.  Can anyone help with this?
Now.  Can anyone guess what these are?  Have you used them?  Do you still have a few lurking in the depths of a drawer somewhere?

Its been quite cold these last few days.  There's been snow in a number of places in NSW which don't normally get snow.  So Friday was a 3 quilt day......

And there have been some spectacular skies too.  I managed to capture a rainbow on camera the other day.  First time ever I've seen both ends of the rainbow I think.  This was taken from my front verandah mid morning just before a deluge hit.

You can't see it for the rain and fog, but behind the rainbow there should be a body of water and land in the background.  I love watching the water - it looks different every time you look at it.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Hi Dasha I am sorry I can't help you my friend xx

  2. Hello Dasha! I do knit a little but I am afraid I can't help you solve this problem! Love your rainbow photograph! :) x

  3. I'm afraid I can't help with the band. Did she knit along as she knitted the front panel, or did she knit it separately afterwards, picking up the edge stitch as she went?
    You have a pristine set of nappy pins there! I have an old Strepsils tin of them too, in two sizes! But they are battered with hardly any paint left. I use hem for holding stitches too!

  4. Baby diaper pins!! Oh my!!! So enjoyed the picture of kitty and oh those rainbows!! What a view! (I don't no help there)

  5. Yep, I recognize those baby diaper pins. I don't quite know what you mean about that knitting, but I will link this blog post on FB and tag my two best knitter friends. If they get on Fb, maybe they can help you :)

  6. Pretty nappy pins those and perfect for mixed media pieces!
    I have knitted the front button bands in with the fronts before now, way back when! As I recall theres two ways, knit the first 5/6/7 stitches at the start and end of each row as normal but insert a garter stitch to suggest the gap where the bands start? does that make sense?
    So knit eg 6 stitches, purl 1, then knit across that row.
    Purl across that row to the last 7 stitches and knit 1, purl 6.
    that gives you a line down, separating in away, the button bands.

    Or put the stitches on pins as you have done and when the whole cardi is stitched together, finally knit those stitches to the whole length required, ie, from bottom right, to fit up round the neck to the bottom left.
    You could knit and stitch it in place as you go to be sure you get the correct length required but I didn't do that, just eyeballed it as I knitted.
    You have left stitches on both fronts so you would have to graft together the band as it reaches the welt stitches on the other end.
    But you could knit each side up to the back of the neck and join it at the neck of course.
    Another way could be to simply cast off the band that you've knitted to go all round, at the point where it meets the other stitches.
    Then simply stitch them together in place.
    If you knit the band so it ends on the side that is covered OVER, by the button holes side, then you wont see that join in any case!
    : )

  7. Hi Dasha. Well the reply above seems to have covered all options! I always leave the stitches on safety pins (or nappy pins!)and then knit the front bands separately from those stitches joining the two behind the neck and then stitching the bands to the cardigan. xx

  8. love the 3 quilt cat picture. here when it gets cold hubs and I call it a "two cat night". the two cats join us to try and keep warm LOL I am a beginning knitter so cant help with your neckband dilemna. those diaper pins bring back memories LOL

  9. Glad you got some tips on your problem, sorry I do knit but am not that experienced. Its so nice to see knitted cardigans rather than windcheaters, brings back happy memories.


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