Thursday, 11 June 2015

What To Do When There's Too Much To Do?

Well.  You start a new project of course.

Never mind that there are dead lines looming, and the cupboards are groaning with UFOs and WIPs and unstarted projects.  Not to mention at least 3 things that are waiting in the wings to be quilted.

A few days back I saw a post on Instagram by Susan @canadianabroad.  Susan also blogs here.  She was posting about some bee blocks she had made.  It lit a light bulb in my brain.

I've had a jelly roll in the cupboard for at least 5 years waiting for inspiration to hit, and this was IT!  I couldn't wait to get to the cutting table to get started, but I did resist the urge for a day or so.......

Last Friday night the urge was too strong, and I made this.

Then on Saturday afternoon, I made a couple more......

But what if I reversed the order of the strips but used the same colour ways for the blocks??

I love it.  This set is now ready to cross cut. 

Having made these blocks, and wanting to write a post about it, I did some research and discovered that the blocks are called Intersection Blocks.  You will find a tutorial for it here.

Source - Film In the Fridge

But of course I did this research after I had made the blocks, so my blocks aren't going to end up the same as in the tute.

The prime reason for doing them was to use the jelly roll.  So I started with a 6.5" square for the centre.  The narrow purple strip was 1.5" cut, and then the wider fabric strip is the jelly rolls 2.5" strip.  The blocks before cross cutting are 12.5" square.  Once you cut them, they are 6.25" square.  An odd size indeed.

I had a few ideas for the layout.  I tried the original Intersection Block layout as above, which I thought looked boring, and a totally scrappy one, which looked chaotic to me.  So in the end this is where I am heading, but I shall make up my mind when all the blocks are done.

There's a few more blocks to be made, and the final size will depend on how much of the plain purple fabric I have.  I am hoping to end up with a single bed topper for Ronald MacDonald House.

More soon.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. Hello Dasha! You look like you have been having a great time! Love how your blocks are looking! :) x

  2. Oh my -- that kind of makes my eyes feel dizzy just to look at, and understand how you've cut those to get the x's! Cool! It's so fun to be inspired and start something new -- that's the part of the project I like too. I don't have too many unfinished, but I always have some. I think you're a pretty good finisher!

  3. Love those intersection blocks! The best time to work on any quilty idea is when it hits.:) Looks like you're on a roll!

  4. Your blocks look great, Dasha. I love the colours you are using.

  5. Hi Dasha,I love your blocks ,I have a jelly roll I have had for years,think I will use it for this,Thankyou my friend hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  6. Love the way you took it another step by switching around the stripes. This is going to be a fab finish. Also love how we all inspire each other. X

  7. I love it - it's going to be great. Love the colours. Oh yes, it's always good to start a new project. xx


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