Monday, 1 June 2015

Catching up

Here are a few things I have been up to in the last couple of weeks.  Digging around, I realise that there's been lots happening that I haven't blogged about.  Does that have anything to do with the fact that I've hardly blogged at all?

First up, I realised that I hadn't shown you this darling pair of scissors in a sweet little scissor keep that Marly (who blogs here) gave me when we met up in Oxford last month.  Isn't it sweet?  It was a total surprise.  Thank you Marly.

Another thing I found was this photo of a sampler.  One day, while we were in Hereford, the boys went walking in the Malvern Hills.  Those who didn't want to do the walk met the walkers at the Chase Inn in Upper Cowell for lunch.  As we walked in, my eye immediately spied this...

It was stitched by Ann Wagg, aged 10, in Aug 1889.  Apologies for the reflection - it was behind glass, and high on the wall.  What was that doing in a pub??
I finally got the blocks I picked up at the last sewing day at Aussie Hero Quilts together into a flimsy.  These were blocks made by the AHQ community, but there weren't enough, so I had to make about a dozen, plus I added the panel.

I'm happy with it.  Looks nice with the tram lines, and not half bad since I made a lot of mistakes in figuring this.  (Shhhhh.  I wasn't meant to tell you that. LOL)
Next job was to make a block for a mystery quilt.  This is going to AHQ as well. 

A week or so ago, I took my youngest grand daughter to buy her birthday present.  Its months since her birthday, but she wanted new boots, and we had to wait until the stocks hit the stores.  We had such a lovely day, and after the boots were duly purchased, we just happened to stroll past Hobbysew.  And look what I found.

I was leafing through the books and thinking "should I or shouldn't I", and "which one", and then I spied the price - $19.95!  Each!  It was then a no brainer.  I was preparing to see a price of $50.  So much inspiration in each.
Our local Bridge Clubs (there are 3) all do a Charity Day some time during the year.  I decided to make a few cards to put out for sale, and came up with this lot - 2 of each design.  Hope they sell.

At our last retreat in May last year, each of the participants brought one or more blocks.  The brief was 12.5" blocks in navy, white and lime green.  While there we got two tops together out of the blocks.  Then during the year they were quilted.  This one has been at my house waiting for a binding for a couple of months now.  It was quilted by Di.

It also happened to be the top that my block ended up in.  Its there on the right second from the bottom.  And in more detail with Di's gorgeous feathers.....
And here is the second quilt.

I also put a label on each one.  Now all we need to do is decided where they will go.
Last of all, here is a batch of Tomato Relish I made up the other day, on my kitchen bench waiting for labels.
The 14th jar, never made it to the label stage.  Its already in the fridge, and heavily sampled.  LOL.  Its a good batch!
Now you know why I haven't blogged.  Simply not enough hours in the day.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Hi Dasha you sure have been busy,love homemade relish ,well done my friend on all your work xx

  2. Hello Dasha! Lots going on at your house! Loved reading all about all your projects and your new books look lovely (I never can resist books!). Lovely quilts too! Have a happy June! :) x

  3. Hi Dasha! See how much you can get done when you're nor distracted by blogging?!
    Well done on getting some wonderful things done - that relish looks so delicious!

  4. Isn't that sampler just gorgeous! It does seem a funny thing to have hanging in the pub. Lovely little scissor keep. You've been busy Dasha. xx

  5. Lots of lovely things to look at. I love the scissor keep and the sampler is delightful. xx

  6. You have been SO busy -- what a varied list of activities! I really like the quilts with the lime green. That's a pretty color combo. I love that sampler. How unusual to find it in a pub! I bet it's special to somebody. I'm glad it's been kept, and under glass. They can be rather fragile. You've been busy :)


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