Saturday, 20 June 2015

Catching Up on some Yellows

As I have done my quota of blocks for this month in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, I thought I would go back and add a few more blocks to the Twinkler stars. 
In the first 3 months, I only made 4 stars in each colour.  I realised in this last couple of weeks that as they are only 6" square, there's no way that making 4 blocks each month was going to be anything like enough to make a quilt, even a lap quilt.
So this last week I have added 10 more yellow Twinkler blocks to my little pile.

I won't have time to make anything more this weekend as I'm playing in a 2 day bridge event at one of the local clubs, and besides that, going to a birthday party on the Saturday night after bridge.  Thankfully next week is a quiet week.
I am linking this post up with Angela's blog SoScrappy.  Why not go take a peek at some of the other lovely things people have created this week in the RSC.
On another note.  Recently I was in Germany and I looked all over the place for literally an entire day, for a post box to post some letters.  I finally found one and realised I had passed by a couple because they were yellow and I had been looking for a red one.  It hadn't occurred to me that they might be a different colour to those in Australia.  Coincidentally Marly from Marly Quilts posted a photo of a green post box in Ireland about the same time.  This prompted me to do a little survey of the colour of post boxes in other countries.  Here is the result:
Australia - red
England - red
Ireland - green
Holland - orange
Germany - yellow
France - navy blue
Canada - white with a red stripe [edited: been told they are plain red]
USA - dark blue with red & white stripes
Switzerland - yellow [added]
Can anyone add to that?  What colour in NZ? Who has been travelling and noticed?  Please add to that list if you can by leaving me a comment.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. Hi Dasha I love your yellow blocks,well done xx

  2. Great twinkler stars. That's really interesting about the mail box colors...I never thought of them being different colors!

  3. Nice twinkler stars; very sunny. Ha, ha: those letter boxes! You have been busy collecting the information. I'm interested to see what other colours are used.

  4. I like your blocks. I live in Canada and any mailbox I have seen is all red. I have never seen a white one!

  5. Love those little twinkly stars!

  6. I don't keep track as I go along and am sometimes very surprised at how many more I have to make and which colors are under represented. This is a good point in time to figure that out.

  7. Love your twinkler star blocks Dasha! Just to add to your list the post boxes in Switzerland are yellow! :) x

  8. How fun to have a review of postal box colors! Not something I would have thought of on my own, that's for sure. Love your little twinklers.

  9. Such lovely sunny yellow twinklers.

  10. That's so interesting! Thanks for sharing.

  11. That's interesting.
    I, too, have had to go back and make more blocks for a RSC projects. Some I have worked on for two years.

  12. Interesting to think about the colors of different countries. Green for Ireland makes total sense. The yellow blocks will make such a nice addition to your quilt. Little blocks are cute, but it does take so many more of them to get a quilt by the end of the year.

  13. Great new collection of blocks there Dasha... you'll get the others made in no time, I bet!

  14. Good to see more yellow twinkling stars, and the post boxes here in New Zealand have the red theme although if a letter is going Fast Post there will be a light blue area around a second box.


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