Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Another UFO Bites the Dust

I am very good at doing the hand sewn part of an project such as the embroidery/applique but I am pretty hopeless at doing the rest.  Somehow my brain clocks the finished hand sewn piece as "finished", and so there are a lot of projects in the cupboard which fit that bill.

A week or so ago, I wanted a project to take with me to a sewing day at a friend's house.  Everything I had to hand was in a state which needed lots of cutting or planning and I wanted something I could just grab and take.  I rummaged through my cupboard, and found an embroidery I had done years ago, which was part of a kit.

Ta da!!

All done.

It was a kit by Picaninni Patchwork called "Tea for Two", and I bought it at a show at least 5 years ago.
And here it is on the chair in my workroom where I sit and ponder or sew or plan, or sometimes just sit.

The other thing I have dragged out to work on lately is this baby cot quilt I am making for my friend's baby. 

Elena was born in February, and I had intentions of paying a visit to Melbourne to see her in April, but plans changed and we went to see the Dearly Beloved's mother in England, so the dead line vaporised and I lost interest.  It ended up in the "to do" pile.
We have now received an invitation to the Naming Ceremony in September, so I have to get a wriggle on to finish it.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching


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  2. Sorry, didn't mean to delete the last comment, just wanted to update my profile name! The cushion looks great. Good on you for finishing something that has been hanging around for a while. Plenty of those projects around here!

  3. "Get a wriggle on" - heehee, that's adorable! Never heard that one before :) The quilt will be lovely. I really like that pillow -- it's been waiting five years to sit on that chair and be pretty! But I have a question. Why is it called "Tea for Two when there are three cups? :)

  4. Sorry to comment twice, but I just have to giggle at the two comments above -- how "Mumtofour" had to go in and change her name to "Mumtofive." That's adorable! Fastest baby ever!

  5. What a great little cushion you finished using an older UFO from the cupboard.... that must feel good Dasha! I love the baby quilt you are making and I hope you get it finished in time!! :) x

  6. Your cushion looks lovely, Dasha. The baby quilt is going to be so pretty.

  7. Well done on finishing an old project. It looks wonderful. Elena's quilt will be so pretty with all those pinks, it's alway good to have a deadline to give you incentive to finish a project.

  8. Hi Dasha I love your cushion

  9. What a pretty cushion! and your cot quilt is going to be gorgeous. xx


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