Sunday, 28 June 2015

Goodbye to the Blues

The colour of the month for June in the RSC is mid blues.  I finished off my Crossroads block in blue.
And then I thought you might like to see what they look like together.

Interesting pattern emerging with this block as I am adding the extra blocks.
I then added 10 more purple Twinkler Star blocks.  If you recall in my last post, I mentioned that I only had a few Twinklers in the colours of the first three months.
And here they all are. 

I am really happy with the way that the colours shade from light to dark in each of the colours.  It is most pronounced I think in the purple and maybe the yellows too.  Perhaps that's because they are grouped in a bunch.  All the other colours are more or less in rows.

I have also been making the Twinkler stars in a large 12" size.  They are OK, but I far and away prefer the small 6" ones.

It's only when I laid them out this afternoon to photograph them that I realised that I have two pale blue one.  I will have to make another in darker blues.
I'm awfully  late linking this up.  We were out most of yesterday and I had my middle grand daughter, Miss 12, here today sewing a cushion up.
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Til next time.....Keep on stitching.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Naughty, Naughty

Yep.  That's me.

I have been watching an online mystery QAL for a little while, and the other day I caved.  Carole at My Carolina Home is running it, and there are a couple of bloggers I visit doing this QAL.  I've been holding out for ages, but the other day I made the fatal mistake of visiting Carole's blog.  The rest is history....

I have a lot of blues and greens in my stash, so I have chosen to do this in blues, greys and greens. 

Here is my little pile of cutting

There have been 4 steps of this mystery revealed and step 1 is the cutting and preparation of the HSTs.

I have trimmed about half of them now using my Bloc Loc ruler.  It is a magic quilting tool.  Makes trimming so easy. 

Once I get the trimming done, that will be step one finished.
The baby quilt I have been working on lately is complete and waiting for borders.  I went up yesterday to by some fabric for the borders and am hoping to get them sewn on by the end of this weekend.
I spent hours laying the blocks out on the floor and shuffling them around to ensure an even spread of fabrics.  So why has this corner got so many spots??

There are 12 squares visible in this section and 9 of them are made with spotty fabrics!!  And that's not counting the white tone on tone spots I have used in the corners of the snowballs.
Til Next Time.....Keep on Stitching.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Catching Up on some Yellows

As I have done my quota of blocks for this month in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, I thought I would go back and add a few more blocks to the Twinkler stars. 
In the first 3 months, I only made 4 stars in each colour.  I realised in this last couple of weeks that as they are only 6" square, there's no way that making 4 blocks each month was going to be anything like enough to make a quilt, even a lap quilt.
So this last week I have added 10 more yellow Twinkler blocks to my little pile.

I won't have time to make anything more this weekend as I'm playing in a 2 day bridge event at one of the local clubs, and besides that, going to a birthday party on the Saturday night after bridge.  Thankfully next week is a quiet week.
I am linking this post up with Angela's blog SoScrappy.  Why not go take a peek at some of the other lovely things people have created this week in the RSC.
On another note.  Recently I was in Germany and I looked all over the place for literally an entire day, for a post box to post some letters.  I finally found one and realised I had passed by a couple because they were yellow and I had been looking for a red one.  It hadn't occurred to me that they might be a different colour to those in Australia.  Coincidentally Marly from Marly Quilts posted a photo of a green post box in Ireland about the same time.  This prompted me to do a little survey of the colour of post boxes in other countries.  Here is the result:
Australia - red
England - red
Ireland - green
Holland - orange
Germany - yellow
France - navy blue
Canada - white with a red stripe [edited: been told they are plain red]
USA - dark blue with red & white stripes
Switzerland - yellow [added]
Can anyone add to that?  What colour in NZ? Who has been travelling and noticed?  Please add to that list if you can by leaving me a comment.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Another UFO Bites the Dust

I am very good at doing the hand sewn part of an project such as the embroidery/applique but I am pretty hopeless at doing the rest.  Somehow my brain clocks the finished hand sewn piece as "finished", and so there are a lot of projects in the cupboard which fit that bill.

A week or so ago, I wanted a project to take with me to a sewing day at a friend's house.  Everything I had to hand was in a state which needed lots of cutting or planning and I wanted something I could just grab and take.  I rummaged through my cupboard, and found an embroidery I had done years ago, which was part of a kit.

Ta da!!

All done.

It was a kit by Picaninni Patchwork called "Tea for Two", and I bought it at a show at least 5 years ago.
And here it is on the chair in my workroom where I sit and ponder or sew or plan, or sometimes just sit.

The other thing I have dragged out to work on lately is this baby cot quilt I am making for my friend's baby. 

Elena was born in February, and I had intentions of paying a visit to Melbourne to see her in April, but plans changed and we went to see the Dearly Beloved's mother in England, so the dead line vaporised and I lost interest.  It ended up in the "to do" pile.
We have now received an invitation to the Naming Ceremony in September, so I have to get a wriggle on to finish it.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Some More Blues

June in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is the Blue month, so I added a few blocks in blue.

First up I made some more blue Twinkler Stars.  Earlier this year we made dark blue stars, and this month we were to concentrate on the lighter blues.

Here are all the stars from both earlier this year, plus those I made this week.

I now have:

6 x pale blue
3 x teal
7 x mid blue
5 x dark blue

Reviewing the stars I've made in previous months, I think I will have to make a lot more.  In some months I only made 4 stars.  So for the rest of June, I think as time permits I will simply make up bunches of the previous months colours so I have 12 or so of each colour.  And looking at that photo above, I think I should probably try and make a few more teal ones too.

I also got a few Bow Tie blocks made.  These are such fun to do!

I do like that setting for the Bow Ties.
I am linking up again tonight with Angela's blog SoScrappy.  Why not pop over and take a look at the other Rainbow things created this week.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching

Thursday, 11 June 2015

What To Do When There's Too Much To Do?

Well.  You start a new project of course.

Never mind that there are dead lines looming, and the cupboards are groaning with UFOs and WIPs and unstarted projects.  Not to mention at least 3 things that are waiting in the wings to be quilted.

A few days back I saw a post on Instagram by Susan @canadianabroad.  Susan also blogs here.  She was posting about some bee blocks she had made.  It lit a light bulb in my brain.

I've had a jelly roll in the cupboard for at least 5 years waiting for inspiration to hit, and this was IT!  I couldn't wait to get to the cutting table to get started, but I did resist the urge for a day or so.......

Last Friday night the urge was too strong, and I made this.

Then on Saturday afternoon, I made a couple more......

But what if I reversed the order of the strips but used the same colour ways for the blocks??

I love it.  This set is now ready to cross cut. 

Having made these blocks, and wanting to write a post about it, I did some research and discovered that the blocks are called Intersection Blocks.  You will find a tutorial for it here.

Source - Film In the Fridge

But of course I did this research after I had made the blocks, so my blocks aren't going to end up the same as in the tute.

The prime reason for doing them was to use the jelly roll.  So I started with a 6.5" square for the centre.  The narrow purple strip was 1.5" cut, and then the wider fabric strip is the jelly rolls 2.5" strip.  The blocks before cross cutting are 12.5" square.  Once you cut them, they are 6.25" square.  An odd size indeed.

I had a few ideas for the layout.  I tried the original Intersection Block layout as above, which I thought looked boring, and a totally scrappy one, which looked chaotic to me.  So in the end this is where I am heading, but I shall make up my mind when all the blocks are done.

There's a few more blocks to be made, and the final size will depend on how much of the plain purple fabric I have.  I am hoping to end up with a single bed topper for Ronald MacDonald House.

More soon.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching

Saturday, 6 June 2015

RSC 2015 - First Week of Pale Blue

This week has been very busy for me, but I did manage to snatch some time here and there at odd moments for some sewing. 
First up I finished sewing the rainbow 25-patch blocks I made for last year's RSC into a top. 
On Thursday I took it down to Sydney to Stitching Hearts for backing and wadding.  Robin has taken it to be quilted on her long arm.  It will be donated to Ronald MacDonald House when it is done.
Yesterday, being Friday, was Friday Quilter's morning.  The hall where we meet was not available to us, so I had the ladies come to my house to sew.  With 3 away at the moment and one sick, there ended up only 4 of us.  After everyone left, I made up these 4 Twinkler Stars.

I have heaps of blue scraps, but surprisingly few pale blue scraps.  I was determined not to cut into the larger pieces of fabric, as this is a scrap challenge.  I have also pulled some darker blues as I didn't make many of those earlier this year.  I've prepped a bunch more to do as and when I get a chance.

Maybe I will cut some pale blue squares - there won't be many pale blue stars out of this lot.
I am linking up this post to Angela's blog, soscrappy.  Do pop on over to see what some of the others have done for the challenge.
I've also done some secret sewing, but I can't show that yet. 
This afternoon I had the iron on, and suddenly there was a rattling and a LoT of smoke.  I rushed over and pulled it out of the socket, but the smoke went on, and on, and on, pouring out of the iron, so I took it outside and doused it with water.  One burned out iron.  Bummer!  Apart from anything else the house stank.

So I'll be off shopping for a new one this weekend I guess.
Last Sunday my middle grand daughter, Miss12, came over as she had a school uniform which needed shortening. After it was pinned, she asked if she could make a cover for her Bible. 

So she shopped my stash and set to making it.  I did the figuring and the cutting, she did the rest.  Isn't it great? 

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Catching up

Here are a few things I have been up to in the last couple of weeks.  Digging around, I realise that there's been lots happening that I haven't blogged about.  Does that have anything to do with the fact that I've hardly blogged at all?

First up, I realised that I hadn't shown you this darling pair of scissors in a sweet little scissor keep that Marly (who blogs here) gave me when we met up in Oxford last month.  Isn't it sweet?  It was a total surprise.  Thank you Marly.

Another thing I found was this photo of a sampler.  One day, while we were in Hereford, the boys went walking in the Malvern Hills.  Those who didn't want to do the walk met the walkers at the Chase Inn in Upper Cowell for lunch.  As we walked in, my eye immediately spied this...

It was stitched by Ann Wagg, aged 10, in Aug 1889.  Apologies for the reflection - it was behind glass, and high on the wall.  What was that doing in a pub??
I finally got the blocks I picked up at the last sewing day at Aussie Hero Quilts together into a flimsy.  These were blocks made by the AHQ community, but there weren't enough, so I had to make about a dozen, plus I added the panel.

I'm happy with it.  Looks nice with the tram lines, and not half bad since I made a lot of mistakes in figuring this.  (Shhhhh.  I wasn't meant to tell you that. LOL)
Next job was to make a block for a mystery quilt.  This is going to AHQ as well. 

A week or so ago, I took my youngest grand daughter to buy her birthday present.  Its months since her birthday, but she wanted new boots, and we had to wait until the stocks hit the stores.  We had such a lovely day, and after the boots were duly purchased, we just happened to stroll past Hobbysew.  And look what I found.

I was leafing through the books and thinking "should I or shouldn't I", and "which one", and then I spied the price - $19.95!  Each!  It was then a no brainer.  I was preparing to see a price of $50.  So much inspiration in each.
Our local Bridge Clubs (there are 3) all do a Charity Day some time during the year.  I decided to make a few cards to put out for sale, and came up with this lot - 2 of each design.  Hope they sell.

At our last retreat in May last year, each of the participants brought one or more blocks.  The brief was 12.5" blocks in navy, white and lime green.  While there we got two tops together out of the blocks.  Then during the year they were quilted.  This one has been at my house waiting for a binding for a couple of months now.  It was quilted by Di.

It also happened to be the top that my block ended up in.  Its there on the right second from the bottom.  And in more detail with Di's gorgeous feathers.....
And here is the second quilt.

I also put a label on each one.  Now all we need to do is decided where they will go.
Last of all, here is a batch of Tomato Relish I made up the other day, on my kitchen bench waiting for labels.
The 14th jar, never made it to the label stage.  Its already in the fridge, and heavily sampled.  LOL.  Its a good batch!
Now you know why I haven't blogged.  Simply not enough hours in the day.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.