Thursday, 28 May 2015

Germany - Final Part.

Its so long since we got back, that I feel bit of a fraud posting this, but the last couple of weeks have been an absolute whirlwind, and there has been virtually no time to blog.  Please feel free to skip this post if you are bored with travel posts.

Day two of sight seeing in Hamburg saw us start off at the St Michaelis (St Michael's Church).  This has been rebuilt 3 times since 1641 - it was struck by lightning in 1750; completely destroyed by a fire in 1906; and again in the bombings of WWII.  At 10 o'clock each day there is a bells & trumpet show from the bell tower, which we happened upon quite by accident.  It was pretty spectacular.  So glad we got to hear that, but I bet you'd get sick of it if you lived nearby and had to listen to it each day.
Down an alleyway nearby, was the Krameramstwohnungen (don't ask me to pronounce that LOL).  These are the remnants of some buildings built in 1620 as housing for the widows of members of the Grocers’ Institute.  They are tiny - basically one room on the lower floor, rickety stairs, and one room above.

From here we headed for the waterfront, and jumped on a ferry for a ride up the river.  A nice man took our photo when he saw me trying to get a selfie.
Hamburg is a port city, so not much in the way of pretty sights.  But I did spy this.  Can you see the lips painted on the prow of this cruise ship?

It was a cold, bleak day, so we headed home pretty early.  We were flying out the next day, but not til late in the evening, so we headed out for another day sightseeing.  We started out in a park called the Planten un Blomen.  It is crossed by several roads and runs all the way to the waterfront.
Behind the flower display is a rink for roller blades, skateboards and roller skates.  In the middle is the Museum, and there are loads of lovely spots just to sit and contemplate.  There is also a large lake which freezes over for ice skating in winter, and a huge playground for kids.
There are some interesting cascades and fountains.....
And a towering statue of Bismark.
This is the waterfront

Where there was a whole band of street entertainment.

Can you see the gold man - he is sitting on nothing, just thin air.  What leg muscles!!!  And those monster soap bubbles bottom left.
We walked the St Pauli Elbe Tunnel - a tunnel built in 1911 under the Elbe River to carry cars and pedestrians to and from the port.  You can read a bit more about it here.

There are huge lifts which carry vehicles down to the tunnel, and although it is still used today, the vehicular capacity is quite limited, and there are several bridges to use instead.  This is the Hamburg waterfront from the other side.

And that dear peeps was the end of that trip.  Thank you for sticking with me.


  1. Hi Dasha thankyou for sharing your fasinating places,bet it bought back lovely memories doing this post xx

  2. Hello Dasha! Hamburg looks like a lovely place to visit! Love that little book shop that you found in the alleyway! Hope you have a lovely weekend! :) x

  3. What a great time you must have had it does look an interesting place to see - not sure Id fancy walking under the river mind you lol
    I saw a gold man in London, wonder if they are a franchise? I assumed there must be a metal gadget shoved up their trousers that can be locked so they can sit like that for so long! It never occurred to me they might rely on strong muscles lol

  4. That's quite an old tunnel -- I'd be nervous trusting myself in it. Hamburg sounds like an exciting, clean, pretty city. The parks and fountains are nice. I can't believe that man in gold is REAL, and he is perched like that -- really?? Astounding! My legs would give out right away. Glad you are home safe, and had a great time with your hubby :)


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