Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Farm Part II

Last weekend the whole family descended on the farm.  We had people swinging from the rafters LOL.  All of us packed in like sardines.  The weather was glorious on Saturday.  After a yummy lunch, we went outside and some played with the Frisbee out the front.

Oops!  Its in the lake....

Next throw, its behind the chook shed.  LOL.  On the way there it hit the roof of the shed.  The poor chooks took off in all directions.

A few of us walked around the lake. 

There are flowers everywhere.  Some are cultivated in beds, such as in the bottom two, but loads are just left to grow wild as in the two on the top.  Everywhere you look there are splashes of gorgeous colour.  Mother Nature at its best.

Loving the tulips.  We don't get them around where we live - its too hot.
These two were walking the tightrope.  Despite being quite wide, it is remarkably hard to stay upright.
Then we went to check out the calf - it was born on Wednesday last week, so 4 days old here.  It was going out to join the others with Mum

Here they all are. 

Just past this field they were planting potatoes.

Two kids sitting on the back of the tractor fed the potatoes down a chute at regular intervals.  The tractor turns the soil over the potatoes, and they are planted.

The next day I spent in Oxford, but that tale is for the next post.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Hello Dasha! Looks like you are having a fabulous time! :) x

  2. What a beautiful place and a lovely afternoon for family fun :)


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