Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Farm

After a long, but uneventful flight we arrived at my sister-in-law's.  We were grateful that we weren't delayed in Dubai because there was a dust storm a day or two prior to us leaving, and most flights for several days had been diverted and severely delayed.

I haven't been in England in Spring since I was 20.  It is gorgeous!  There are so many flowers out already that there are splashes of colour all over the place.  I was blown away by the daffodils in drifts all over the place' in parks and gardens but also obviously growing wild in fields, on the sides of motorways, and on roundabouts.  This lot are on the green beside the Bus Station in Cheltenham.

There are also flowers in window boxes and planters everywhere, like in front of this pub in Ledbury.
The farm is in the wilds of Hereford, and absolutely beautiful.  Spring means baby animals, and there are currently 22 lambs, several of which are little black ones.  That is the church on the left, and the main house on the right

The serious bank of solar panels services all the residents.

And a flock of ducks peacefully sitting under a tree, or they were until I walked up to photograph them!

They are supposed to keep the grass under the solar panels under control

There are also 4 kids.

How cute is this??

This little guy wanted to nibble at my shirt.....

And this one is only a few days old.  He had a torrid time at birth and it was touch and go whether he would survive.

And this cow is due to calve any day now.

Around the back of the cow shed, is this pretty little garden - all the colours of the rainbow.  If you look really, really closely you will see the purple Hyacinths around the edge of the flower bed.

And a huge Magnolia Tree in bloom.

Hope you enjoyed my walk around the farm.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Hi Dasha what lovely pics,thankyou for sharing and also thankyou so very much my parcel has arrived,you are so kind xx

  2. Lovely surroundings for the residents of the farm. Thanks for the pictures.

  3. Hello Dasha! Welcome to England!! You have picked a lovely week to arrive... the weather is beautiful here at the moment and Hereford is such a lovely part of the country! Love your tour of the farm.... enjoy your stay and I hope you find some quilt shops to look at!! :) x

  4. Yes! Enjoyed it very much - thank you for sharing!

  5. That Magnolia tree is beautiful. Enjoy!

  6. Oh it looks delightful and if you have to have to stay anywhere, I think that looks a great place to be! I rescued a Nubian goat once who had grown up with 6 children and 4 dogs, he had a serious personality confusion. He'd gotten too big to sit on laps having been brought up to think he was a dog!
    Enjoy yourself hun

  7. Oh my how beautiful to have wide open spaces! That poor little jigger. Is that a hole in his head? Baby goats are just the cutest! Love watching them play

  8. What a beautiful place! So glad you got to visit at a perfect time of the year ... and it wasn't doing that English thing called RAIN :) Does your sister-in-law own the farm, or does she just live there? Neat place! The little goats are darling.


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