Thursday, 30 April 2015


I am way behind in my blogging - I've had real technical difficulties.  The biggest & most insurmountable is that I don't have an SD slot in either of the 2 devices I have brought with me, so no way to download the photos from my camera!  Add to that totally woeful internet connections and you have bloggy silence.  LOL

Last weekend I took the train to Oxford to meet up with Marly from Marly Quilts.  We met last year during the Grow Your Blog Party, and have been bloggy friends ever since.  Marly lives in the Netherlands, and she and her husband drove over to the UK for a visit with her brother and to meet up with me.  Awesome!!

The 3 of us had a lovely day, despite the cold miserable day.  So nice to meet Marly.

As usual, there were many beautiful old buildings.

Living in Australia, a country which is not even 250 years old, one gets a bit carried away when one sees buildings dating 500+ years old!

We happened on Oxford on the weekend of the Oxford Folk Festival.  Almost every corner you rounded you were confronted by street entertainment, like this intriguing sight.

There were several places where we came across Morris Dancing.

Have you ever seen that?  The dancers wear colourful clothing and usually bells on arm or leg bands (or both).  They often wear face paint as well, like the troop on the bottom left.  The music is fiddles, drums and accordions and is catchy and makes you want to join in. 
That day, most of the students were returning to their colleges after the Easter break, so we actually didn't see any that were open for tourists.  We did however, peek inside gates and around corners.
Lincoln College on the left & Brasenose College on the right
Around about here we came across an outdoor Art and Craft market.  Mostly art, glass and wooden goodies, but we found a textile artist, called Barbara Shaw.  She does the most amazing work, and you can take a peek by clicking on her name above. 

We had lunch in the White Horse Inn, which was one of the pubs featured in the TV series Morse.  The White Horse was pretty much opposite the Bodelian Library. 
The building is set around a quadrangle, on one side of which is the Divinity School.  It was built between 1423 and 1487.  Harry Potter fans might recognise this as the hospital wing in the first two HP movies.


Just take a look at that awesome ceiling!!  Decorative carving, initials and coats of arms all over the ceiling.  They just don't make them like that any more. 

Leaving there, we came across some Russian folk dancers.  These two in the front grabbed me (and a couple of others) and made us join in the dance.  Such fun, but I wish I'd had enough warning to dump my bag.  LOL

The next item was a song, with the two ladies leading the singing.  Look at the beautiful embroidery on their costumes.

Just across from there was the Radcliff Camera (camera meaning "room" in Latin).  It is the science library.

It was getting a bit late by now, so we headed for the Turf Inn for a restorative cuppa.  It was reached by a twisting set of alley ways not even an arm span wide.

On the way back to the station for my train, we came across the Bridge of Sighs, which links two buildings of Hertford College.

And that was the end of the Oxford jaunt.  A lovely day - thank you Marly for coming all that way to meet me and make it a memorable day.
I still have to tell you about a fabulous couple of days in London, but that will have to wait until I can catch up with the Dearly Beloved, who has a laptop, so I will be able to download the photos.


  1. Hi Dasha! So glad you had such a wonderful day in Oxford... it is a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing all those wonderful photographs! :) x

  2. Thanks for sharing your Oxford photos and stories! I have become a big fan of Laurie R King's Mary Russell series - and many of Mary's adventures take place in Oxford. It was fun to follow Mary Russell's footsteps with you!

  3. You bought back some lovely memories for me, Dasha. I lived in Oxford for about 4 months back in 1988 as part of my 12 months overseas. It is such a lovely place.

  4. Hi Dasha wow what beautiful pics,thankyou for sharing your wonderful time with us my friend xx

  5. What a fabulous opportunity to go traveling. One day......

  6. Sigh ... I loved Oxford when I went in cold January, 2009. So glad you got to go and meet a friend. The buildings are stunning -- thanks for sharing the "hospital wing" with its gorgeous ceiling. The HP movies really did maximize those old stone scenes! Have a grand trip, Dasha!


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