Thursday, 2 April 2015

A Fabulous Presentation

On Tuesday afternoon my friend Cheryl and I went to a presentation by a quilt artists, Kay Haerland at the Gosford Regional Gallery.   I have met Kay a few times, as she lives locally, and was really looking forward to the presentation.  I wasn't disappointed.  It was fabulous.

Kay brought along a number of quilts to demonstrate.  There were three large ones hanging on the wall and a whole pile of smaller ones which depicted her quilt journey and development as an artist through the years.

She gave me permission to photograph her quilts.  I was too far back during the lecture to be able to photograph the ones she demonstrated, but here are the 3 big ones on the wall.  My poor photography will never do them justice.

"Autumn Leaves at Yosemite"

"Under the Canopy"

Hawkesbury - 2011

One of the things I fell in love with in all three of these quilts is the amazing sense of perspective in them.  Standing in front of them, you can see the landscape receding into the distance.  You get drawn into the scene.  Many quilt artists do landscapes, but none I have seen have been nearly as realistic as these.
The other thing I loved about them was that the more you looked at them, the more detail you found.  Little tiny fun details like this little Tree Frog peeking at you from behind the tree trunk.  Too cute!  And very real.

Kay uses a number of techniques to give texture and depth to her quilts.  These flowers are 3-D, as are the stems and the moss behind them.  All of it is textural and very realistic.

This little bird is sculpted with threads and the flowers are also 3-D.

Kay has just released a new DVD.  She also does lectures, classes and makes quilts on commission.  If you would like to know some more, this is her web page  There is also a wonderful gallery of her stunning quilts.

Just to set the record straight, I haven't received a commission for these comments.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Wow! What magnificent quilts! What a great exhibition to be able to attend! Happy Easter!! :) xx

  2. They are all fabulous. Lucky you to be able to see such amazing textile art.

  3. Her work is super realistic - and the little frog is a nice touch! Your pictures do a great job of showing the 3-D bits. Did you spend time "deconstructing" her quilts in your mind, trying to figure out how she did certain things, or how she achieved an illusion that works? That's my favourite brain game when examining works that inspire me!

  4. amazing quilts........not something I want to do but still amazing.............

  5. Now those are some awesome quilts. Truly, works of art and textile masterpieces!

  6. What amazing quilts. Thanks for showing them to us, Dasha.

  7. Hi Dasha ,wow they are amazing,Thankyou for sharing xx

  8. I can imagine how amazing it was to see these quilts in real life. I agree the perspective really draws you in, like looking into a window, and so many little details to see.

  9. Those are stunning. How does she DO that? She is truly an artist in the finest sense of the word. They remind me of Monet's paintings. Thank you for sharing!


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