Saturday, 7 March 2015

Where did my week go?

Here it is with the first week of March gone, and a whole week since we returned from Queensland.  Seems like it was only yesterday afternoon we were walking on that beach!

During the week, I received a sweet little parcel from Canada.  If you read my blog, you will know that I participated in the Grow Your Blog Party earlier this year.  I entered a few give-aways along the way, and was lucky enough to win not one, but two. 

The first of these two parcels arrived from Canada on Thursday afternoon.  Linda from Stitch Lines does the most amazing photography.  She sent me a little pack of cards made from her photos.  The parcel was tied with pretty string....

When we talked, Linda asked if I wanted floral photos or ones of quilting. I asked for a few of both.  These ones are taken in her garden.

And these are her photos of quilts....

Now please do me a favour and click here, go visit Linda, admire her beautiful blog, and say "hello" from me. :-)
Yesterday was an all day quilt day with my Friday Quilters group.  We do these about 3-4 times a year.  As usual, everyone was doing something different and beautiful.
Joan was making baby wraps for an imminent new grand daughter.  She was using flannelette, and using the decorative stitches on her machine on the hem. 

Cheryl was using French General fabrics to make a bazillion Birds in the Air blocks.  She is doing a great job on these.  Love them.

Elaine was making a little Disappearing 9 Patch quilt for her grandie using Dr. Seusse fabrics.  It is turning out super cute.
Di brought in some needle turn applique she has been doing.  These are tiny flower petal shapes in 1930's fabrics.  It is so, so dainty.

Fiona is making a string quilt in black, red & white for one of her boys.  I did see the name of the pattern, but this is a "senior's moment"  LOL  If you need the pattern name, leave me a comment and I will find out for you.  This is going to be a fabulous quilt when its done.

Joyce was quilting her "Australian" quilt.  She is doing straight line quilting in a grid, and has done Trupunto on the sheep.  The colours are very Australian bush, and the quilt will be going to Canada to her daughter to remind her of home.

Jan was doing some quilt as you go hexagons.  These began life as a bunch of hearts which were donated partly finished to Stitching Hearts.  I think she has done a great job of them.

And me??  Well I was working on a baby quilt for my friend Elisa's daughter.  I have chosen to use the "Road to Tennessee" block.  If you followed me last year, you will know that I did these for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge in a rainbow of colours.  I just love the scrappy look of them.  This is what 140 x 3.5" blocks look like.  I will need 198 for the quilt. 

And these are some I completed yesterday.  Lots more to go!

Til next time.....Keep on stitching (and don't forget to go say hello to Linda)


  1. Hi Dasha, Glad you are happy with my photo cards. Just want to clarify, the quilts on the white wicker chairs are not my quilts. That photo was taken at a friend's home in Florida. Just in case she visits you! :)
    You certainly have a busy and productive bunch of gals in your Friday Quilters Group.

  2. Hello Dasha! What a beautiful prize! Love the cards that Linda has sent you!! Your Quilting Group are working on some fabulous projects... it is lovely to get together to stitch.... so inspirational! Have a good weekend! :) x

  3. A very lovely prize you won...the flowers are awesome! Great sewing projects everyone is doing. Sewing fellowship is so rewarding. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow ! Dasha , two prizes, well done!
    Very cute pink sewing there, lots of lovely blocks

  5. Some great looking projects! Love those French General blocks.:)

  6. Wow -- what a lot of good, hard work you ladies are doing! That all looks so professional and expert. Lucky recipients!


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