Friday, 20 March 2015

What to Do

....when you have dozens of UFOs? 

You start a new project of course!

Last Friday my friend Joan had some magazines, and her folder of inspirations with her.  And I saw Something I Wanted to Make.  LOL.  I resisted all afternoon, and then I caved as I knew I would eventually.  Weak willed I am!

I sorted out my 2.5" strips into colours and laid them all out on the ironing board by the time I had to stop to make dinner.  Love all those lush colours in the stacks.

I chose to go with a blue/green purple colour scheme as that is what I had most of.  By Monday afternoon, I had sewn all the strips into threes.  Like so. 
See the stack on the right?  That middle strip which is actually 2 fabrics, was part of a baby quilt I made for my first grand daughter - she is now 14.  'Bout time it was used.   I hadn't made much of a dent in the stacks I was working on though.
Next step was to chop all the strip sets into 6" squares.....

And then they had some triangles sewn on.....

The triangles are cut from a lovely soft palest of pale blue batiks.  Hard to see the pattern in real life and impossible in a photo (at least with this photographer).
And this is where I am heading.

And that is pretty much as far as I got, because this gadfly has sprung off into another direction altogether, and started yet another project.  But as it is primarily yellow, I shall keep you in suspense until tomorrow when I post my RSC post on my yellow creations.  LOL.
Remember I did a post here about all the things my creative friends get up to on a Friday?  Well this is Fiona's quilt - all the blocks waiting to be sashed.  Today she was putting the final borders on.  Isn't this stunning? 

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Hello Dasha! Love the colours you chose for your new project.... my favourites blues and greens! Your friend's quilt is fabulous! Have a lovely weekend! :) xx

  2. Starting a new quilt is the perfect antidote to wallowing in despair over ufo's. lol Looks like a lot of fun and your friends quilt is gorgeous!


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