Tuesday, 3 February 2015

On My Design Wall (Floor)

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Last time I went to a sewing day at Aussie Hero Quilts, I picked up two packs of BOM blocks made by the AHQ community.  I decided now was the time to get on with it and make something from them. 

So on Sunday I picked up the first pack, which was basically navy and red.  The first job was to trim down all the blocks to the same size, which turned out to be 8" square.  The blocks were made by at least two different people, and I found a bit of variation in the construction.  Sadly, I lost a few points in the trimming process.

Note the artistic addition of the reflection of my hands.  LOL.  Has anyone worked out a way to photograph a ruler without the reflections?
Here is the stack of trimmed and pressed blocks.

AHQ quilts are made to fit Defence Force cots which are long and skinny, so we make them 42" x 72".  This means that I needed 45 x 8" blocks, and as I only had 22 given to me, I had to make 23 more.  
Monday was an at home day, which meant I could really get stuck into this.  First thing, I made up these blocks (in multiples, so I would have enough).
I was really pleased to find some stars which were very like the ones in the blocks I had already.
I also dug out this panel.  I had about 6 of these given to me a long time back, and I was pleased to find a use for it.  To make it up to size and to make it blend in, I put a navy border on it.  It replaces 6 blocks.  Bonus!

All done and ready to sew up.....  I was chuffed to see that I had enough of the various blocks to make up a bit of a pattern.

As it stands, I have sewn the rows from the bottom up and have pieced together up to and including the panel. 
Linking up with Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday.  Lots of eye candy there if you'd like to take a look.
Til next time.....Keep on Stitching.


  1. Hello Dasha,

    The addition of the panel is lovely. Someone will treasure this quilt.
    Re the reflections, may help if you set the camera on "behind glass".

    Happy days.

  2. You have done a fabulous job with the panel and matching up the extra blocks you had to make. This will be someone's pride and joy I would think!!

  3. A very good job you did. I see the "bit of pattern" and the panel fits perfectly.

  4. who doesnt love red and blue together? the panel is a great addition and looks perfect

  5. Someone will enjoy that quilt very much - the panel was a clever shortcut!

  6. Hello Dasha! You did a great job with this quilt! The panel looks great and they are going to be really pleased with the finished quilt! :) x

  7. Those colors will go with your panel perfectly. Very nice. BTW, I'm visiting from the GYBP but see that you also have a link to Design Wall Monday, so it's a twofer for me. lol

  8. Wonderful! And what a loving thing to do for your soldiers. It's great to use those squares and put them together into a finished blanket. Beautiful panel too!


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