Saturday, 28 February 2015

Lets Book It February Finish

Feeling very, very guilty!!

Last week I picked up a top I had started in May 2014 for the Lets Book It Challenge run by Sharon at Vrooman's Quilts.  I first told you about it here and here.

Just to refresh your memory, this was the pattern in the old magazine which inspired me.  I did say right up front that my version wouldn't really resemble the original pattern.

This is where it was at when I picked it up.  I had combined two different patterns to create a new applique design.

All I had to do to finish this was add one little border.  That's why I've been feeling guilty.
I found a nice green plaid which went well, and cut my strips.  Half an hour later it was done.

Doesn't look much like the original photo does it?  LOL
I also should have ironed it before I took these photos....

Its ready now to take down to Cabarita, as I have made it for Stitching Hearts.

Linking up with the Lets Book It linky party. 

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. I let things sit because I don't like to add borders - I don't know why as like you say, they don't take that long to do. I think the plaid was a nice choice for the finish.

  2. Hello Dasha! Love your version of the quilt!! It must feel good to have it finished! :) xx

  3. Hi Dasha wow this quilt looks fantastic and is a lively finish,well done xx

  4. Your quilt looks lovely, Dasha.

  5. Beautifully done! I can see bits of the original pattern in your version, but you really made it your own.

  6. Looks great Dasha. "Finishes" feel good, don't they?

  7. I much prefer your colour ways design to the sugary pink in the book !

  8. What an inspiring start to my day! Thank you Dasha, Your version is Adorable!

  9. love your version Dasha. great finish for sure!


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