Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A Birthday Lunch

Yesterday was the Dearly Beloved's birthday, so I thought I would treat him to a mystery lunch.

It was an absolutely glorious summer day.  In these parts it is hard to keep anything a mystery for long, and since I had not blindfolded him, the DB soon guessed the destination, and then the restaurant we were going to even though we had never been there before.

We ate in the courtyard of the Fat Goose at Hardy's Bay, at a table hidden by that hedge you can see.

After a yummy lunch we strolled out onto the little wharf.  The ferry comes by twice a day.  This cormorant was not nervous enough to fly away, but watched us carefully.

The wharf is quite a long one, as the bay is tidal and there is a long stretch of mud flats at low tide.  This is a little tribe of baby Blue Swimmer Crabs.

They are delicious to eat once they get to a decent size.  Boy did these little jobs move fast!  There were loads of other critters in those mud flats as well.
There is a small marina to the right of the wharf, and loads of boats anchored out from it.

And this is the view off to the left of the wharf.

We then decided to drive around to the next suburb, Wagstaffe.  It is a pretty drive around the bay, and Wagstaffe itself is a sweet little hamlet.  The General Store is typical of those you find in the Australian countryside.

We bought a couple of ice creams there and demolished them quickly - we had to, because the sun was melting them almost quicker than you could get them to your mouth.
There is a tiny wharf here too, that the ferry visits after it has been to Hardy's Bay.

Next to the wharf is a tiny beach, and yes, those are private jetties you can see there.

I think I could force myself to live here.  What about you?
Opposite the General Store is the Community Hall, which has a lovely serene little park (above).  We stopped for the obligatory selfie much to the DB's disgust.

So that was our little birthday jaunt.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. How beautiful! It looks so peaceful there. I think you both had a great day.

  2. Looks lovely! Glad you both had such a wonderful day to celebrate! :) xx

  3. Hi Dasha happy birthday to your hubby and what a lovely spot you took him too.xx

  4. Y'all are adorable! And yes, I could definitely live there :) The warmth of your summer is like torture! Not really, but oh, how I do miss a lovely day to be outside. Looks wonderful. I find myself wondering if you had chocolate ice cream (sigh). I do live in a place that looks a little like that, although we don't personally have a pier or dock, nor live right on the water. But it's a pleasure to be nearby, isn't it? That little store is so sweet. You are lucky to still have so many around in the countryside. Here in the U.S., WalMart and other chains have killed off the small family store, sadly. Not many cute ones like that left.

  5. What a lovely birthday jaunt out, in such a delightful looking place too.
    Happy birthday hubby : )


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