Saturday, 17 January 2015

Wednesday's Excursion

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On Wednesday we were due to visit friends of ours who live at Avalon.  Avalon is right at the northernmost tip of the Sydney Metropolitan area, and to get there from our place there are two options; about a 2 hour road journey skirting Broken Bay, or a ferry trip from Ettalong to Palm Beach.  For those not familiar with Sydney, here is the map of the area:

Ettalong where the "A" is, Pacific Ocean on the right, the mouth of the Hawkesbury River on the left, the open area is called Broken Bay, and Palm Beach and Avalon are at the foot of the map.  While it wasn't a shorter trip timewise, it was a brilliant way to spend a summer day.
Wednesday dawned sunny and hot, with little wind, which is fortunate, as the ferry crosses open water and on a windy day, the crossing can be choppy.
Summer Holiday queue for the ferry 

View back towards Ettalong
Lion Island - its the tiny green blob on the left in the map above. The beach you can see hiding behind Lion Island, is Pearl Beach, at the very southern tip of the Central Coast.
Barrenjoey Headland with the lighthouse on top.  There was a severe bushfire there a year or so back which completely denuded the vegetation.  Thankfully the historic lighthouse survived.
Palm Beach

The houses on the waterfront are so far down from the road, which you can see mid photo, that they require an inclinator to take you down from the road to the house.
We were also treated to the spectacle of the sea plane coming in to land, but those photos did not come out too well.
We missed the bus connection to Avalon of course and had to wait in the park at Palm Beach for half an hour for the next one.  Such a hardship when its a beautiful day and beautiful scenery.  Time for a selfie, much to the Dearly Beloved's disgust.

There were pirates all around us, of the duck variety that is.  This one, having fossicked in the lady's bag for a while (head down, tail in the air), found that the fish & chips she was eating were of much greater interest.  LOL

Duck Pirate
 But then the food left, and the pirates had a nap.
Arriving at J's, we had a lovely lunch on the shady verandah.  Then the girls asked the Dearly Beloved if he had ever done Geocaching.  They had borrowed some tokens from their cousin on a trip to Germany a year back and were desperate to set them on their way.  The DB is an Orienteer, so he was able to work out the co-ordinates and help with the decoding the clue.  So we set off to the location, which was the A.J. Love Lookout at North Bilgola.  You can find out a bit more about it here.

The location as absolutely stunning, and while the DB & the girls were looking (successfully) for the token, I took a truck load of photos....

Avalon Headland - Boudhi National Park on the Central Coast in the far distance.
The new tokens will sent back to cousin in Germany.

On the way back to the ferry, our friends took us to the Bible Garden at the highest point of Palm Beach. 

This is the most serene, beautiful place I have been to in a very long time.  The garden was established by Gerald Hercules Robinson in 1966, and donated to the public in perpetuity. 

In the photo above, you can see pretty much all of Palm Beach, with the Barrenjoey lighthouse top right.  That is the Palm Beach surf beach on my right and just to the right of my head is Ettalong, where we came from that morning.

One of the delights of this garden is a lily pond, with this gorgeous lily.

Many of the plants in the garden are those referred to in the Bible.  And there is a beautiful bench you can sit on, in the shade of a tree, to read the Bible provided or simply contemplate the view.
Thank you J for suggesting this lovely day, and making it a very special one.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching (or tripping)


  1. Looks like a lovely place to visit, Dasha.

  2. Wow Dasha what a pretty place,wonderful post my friend xx

  3. Dasha thank you for that treat and glimpse of warm sunshine and delightful surroundings : )
    We have had high winds ,well for us 70-100mph in places - hardly tornado but the Uk doesn't cope with extremes of any weather lol and now locally we are having really hard frosts.
    Its bitter with the wind chill of course and everywhere is crisp with frozen water, plants and pavements, which make me wobble just looking at them.
    I seem to have lost all sense of balance since they did my bunion and fixed the big toe out straight - such a daft thing to do !
    So this post was bliss to read and sounds to have been a lovely jaunt!
    Envious >> in England lol

  4. Just beautiful! Thanks for taking us along! I love that you decided to take the ferry and enjoy the water and the gorgeous day. Sounds SO relaxing, especially the garden and the vistas, and sending the girlies away and having time with friends :) I learn so many new words here, I should call your blog my vocabulary lesson for the day. "Fossicking" -- that one was new to me!

  5. This evokes many sweet memories of my own touring adventures. So lovely.


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